what is normal to a psychic

What is Normal?

There’s one thing we all want to know when we hit a snag, stumble on a speed bump or try to handle a curve ball from the Universe…we want to know if what I’m dealing with it normal and if so, what can I expect from this current craziness. I’m here to tell you that when it comes to being human, the continuum of normalcy is a big broad range and what that means is you have a wide breadth of choices and experiences to make here that will not all leave you feeling ok or great.

What I’ll be covering in the near future, in ongoing posts is the idea of “normal” in a spiritual sense and in relation to The Universe. I’ll be touching on normalcy in relationships, health, love, life purpose, inspiration, creativity, darkness, consciousness and more. My aim in delving into this subject with you is to free you from fear and pain, bring you more peace and calm, and give you actionable recommendations for how to live more courageously and with grace as we level up your life together!

For the moment though, I want to tell you that whether your life is good or challenging, it is actually just right as it is. It is beautiful in its current state and this beauty is less of a superficial beauty and more beautiful in the sense that a hurricane or electricity is beautiful – the beauty is dependent on its tangible effects being felt in your life. So to you, life may feel really bad or tragic or sad, or maybe super cool and amazing, but regardless, it is truly beautiful because the Universe has you right where it needs you. And where it needs you is in the place where you have the choice to be your best self or to use the excuse of your circumstances and take a less enlightened road. The choice is always wonderfully yours!

So feel free to read on, share some ideas, ask some questions, just interact here with me and I promise I will answer. I hope you’re prepared for whatever answer that is. Love and blessings to you on this first day of January in this new year, 2019. Here’s to a wonderful year and hopefully, making it the best year of your life!




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