What Happens After We Die?

Honestly?! It depends!

Here are just some of the things that influence what happens to you after physical death:

  1. Your emotional and mental state as you’re dying matters because your consciousness returns to a highly thought-responsive plane of existence. So, whatever emotions, thoughts you’ve got going on at the end will be like a request to your friendly neighborhood uber driver of the afterlife as to where you want to be dropped off.
  2. Your reaction to being dead matters because there are resources in the afterlife that take many forms that can assist if assistance is needed. So, if you’re distraught or alone or simply lost, you will get help in a form that’s appropriate to your consciousness. It might be a doorway made of plasma energy, or a loved one who shows up for you, or your environment might change instantaneously; whatever works best will be employed by the Universe.
  3. Your beliefs about the afterlife will influence both your immediate and enduring circumstances in the afterlife realms. Like if you believe in Heaven or Hell or UpsideDownWorld then you may go to the respective heaven or hell or world you believe you now belong to, will then be where you are. So choose your beliefs wisely!
  4. Your desires in the afterlife matter because of the thought-responsive nature of the realms. If you desire to cease existing, there is a realm that will satisfy that. If you desire to rejoin a loved one then you will join your loved one faster than thought. Be clear and commit to your desires and your journeying will be thrilling and enjoyable.
  5. Your mastery over your thoughts and feelings matter because the greater your self control and self discipline you developed while in a body will directly translate into the afterlife. So even though you will be pure consciousness, what happened while in your body will contribute or detract from the enjoyment of your experiences int he afterlife.

These are just some of the influencing factors over what happens when you die. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

As always, love and blessings to you,

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