What Are the Best Questions to Ask Myself to Refocus My Life?

Oooooh wowzers, I love this question and here’s why. First, I’ve got the best questions just for you! Second, you’re open to something changing whether inside you or outside of you. It sounds like you have a desired state of being (other than the current state) and the Universe likes for you to be in this place because you’re ready to listen. Third, self inquiry is another form of meditation, a tuning out of the world and going inward where all sorts of treasures and surprises exist. Now on to the questions!

What is it that I most desire now?

This simple question can leave many of us with the blankest stares ever. Those who cannot answer this easily need to take a step back from the busy in their lives from all the responsibilities, all that’s kept you tied up and take some time away just for yourself. You’ll always return to you. You’ll always reconnect with your heart again. Coming back to yourself may take a bit of time and it is necessary for you to reconnect with your desire so that the Universe then has clarity around how you would like for it to assist you.

Also, don’t be shy about your desires. Once you’ve awakened them, satisfy them as best you can and in the healthiest ways possible!

Which choice brings me the most peace?

This question is best used when you have been stuck in a deliberative state for much longer than you desire, or when the choices before you are so hard and heavy that they’ll change the course of your life forever. Ask yourself this question to choose what’s best for you now and follow it!

If, for some reason, you’re unfamiliar with the state of peace in you, then reach for another positive emotion that you’re most familiar with – appreciation, compassion, calm, joy, happiness or love – you’ve got options. Remember though, once you come to a decision that brings you the most peace, act on it. Waiting beyond the time you must make a choice will allow circumstances to shift too much within the Universe and the result may not be ideal. Time is literally of the essence sometimes.

Am I doing this for love, for growth or for learning?

This question is ideal for those of you nearing burn out! In the culture of the overly committed, saying “No” seems like anathema. However, in this Universe and in this life of yours, you must shepherd your energy wisely! So stop doing things out of obligation and instead, ask yourself this question. If you are not doing the thing you’re inquiring about because you love it, or because it adds value to your knowledge or wisdom, nor will it lead to you evolving your sense of self, then don’t do it. Simply say no and carry on.

I know you’ll have the hardest time saying no when it comes to your relationships – family, friendships, romantic partners – asking this question in regards to them may make you squirm for fear of “hurting” them. But, this Universe is one where we must teach others how to treat us, remember that!

Have fun asking yourself these questions and be honest with yourself. As always, all my love and blessings to you,

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