War Hurts My Heart, Yet I’m Committed as a Soldier. Will This Ever End?

Good news is that this will all end one day! Bad news is that as long as human beings cannot deal with their own inner conflict in healthier ways, war will always be present in the world around us too.

Our External World Is A Reflection Of Our Internal Reality

Conflict is ever present in this world, ever since it was created even light and dark seemed to always be competing. Because we’re part of the Universe, we too are made of all its parts and so we have ongoing conflict within us. However, how we respond to that conflict is what matters – do you give in to the hurt letting it become anger, maybe resentment and then you explode? Or do you notice the conflict in you and address the cause, neutralize the emotions that disturb you and choose what feels better? The choice is always yours, one is easy and the other requires you to be a better version of your current self.

The Personal Influences We Control

Further, because of this incessant conflict within us (e.g., I love them/I hate them, I want that/I don’t want that, I choose this/I feel guilty for that choice, I create my reality/I’m a victim to others’ choices, etc.), we are actually given endless opportunities to be the better version of ourselves. These opportunities are meant to instill a healthier habit and not unleash on each other (unless actually necessary), they are also meant to be the living examples of the better we want to see in our neighbor, and they are meant to strengthen our self discipline so we do more easily choose what’s better!

As we keep choosing better, healing the conflict within us, we energetically and practically change the environment around us – from our bodies to our homes, neighborhoods, communities, cities, states, nations, continents, planet and beyond. This is how we craft a better world, not by exercising power out there but exercising self control within ourselves. If you don’t believe me, try it; I know you haven’t tried it yet so give it a chance.

The Impersonal Influences That Control Us

Our lives operates on at least two levels – the Personal and the Impersonal levels. The Personal level is hard not to miss because it is what I call the heavy, messy human level, its what our lives are filled with. This is the level at which we have experiences, share moments, miscommunicate, hold hands, etc. Its the surface level and things look simple at this level.

The Impersonal level is what I call the Universal level or the G*d perspective and it is where you can get answers about why is this stuff on the Human/Personal level happening anyway. At this level, the Universe is trying to connect you with your purpose, having you act out the dramas of your life, motivating you in an energetic sense; its kind of mysterious at this level. Enter me being a psychic, this is the world we live in and I LOVE to play within.

One major Impersonal influence is the Archetypal Family of the psyche, these are fundamental structures of the mind that inform the phases of our life as well as guide us in the many specific situations that fill our life. The phases I’m referring to are loss, growth, big decisions, creativity, destruction, travel, purpose, meaning, etc. The Archetypes are an amazing resource carrying gifts and wisdom within each of them. The Warrior archetype is present in the developmental phase of our life and it helps us complete, achieve, and fulfill goals, and carry a mission or purpose forward. The Warrior is vital for maturing us past childhood and often needs an adversary (whether internal or external) to go up against.

War demands the Warrior’s participation because one of its abilities is to push our emotions aside for whatever we have to face in the moment. This can come in handy when doing something we don’t like but have to do like exercise, taxes, work, preparing healthy meals, etc. However, sustained for too long and we lose touch with our heart, the center of our emotions and feelings. Disconnection of this type leads to disconnection in families, society and can become a dangerous chronic issue when the situation no longer requires putting our feelings aside or if there’s no mission to take on; when we just have to live life again. In our society and in our country specifically, powers that be have held us at war for over 50 years now and much of these wars have been amoral and unnecessary. So it is no surprise that many soldiers are in constant pain due to meaninglessness disconnection.

What To Do Then?

What I’d recommend is that again, we start with you. What inner and outer conflicts can you resolve with Integrity? Where are you disconnecting yourself from your own heart in order for you to complete a task or a project or a mission? Reconnect yourself and allow yourself to feel deeply! Tidy up your corner of the world and challenge those around you to do the same. There is a future when the meaningless and amoral wars are no more, and that is the vision I hold each day as I exercise my self control, my self discipline and the healthy expression of my will. Join me!

As always, love and blessings to you my friends. Please do share about your own methods to add purpose in your life and how you balance the Warrior in you. Enjoy,

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