The Spirited Spirits – Doing What You Love, Even In The Afterlife!

“Isn’t this fun!  Everyone is here and its bigger this year.” Are the words I heard in my mind.  My physical eyes were closed, my psychic eyes were open and my mind was still trying to make sense of all I was perceiving.

It felt like a dream that day; like my vision was a little blurry and the surroundings were unfocused as I stood there speaking with this sprightly woman.  She was an attractive woman, older yet with a sly smile that seemed almost flirty.  Because she was shorter than me, I could see the top of her brunette head, coiffed nicely, stylishly.  The way she moved spoke volumes, that she was likely a dancer in her younger years but not a yoga type, and that she had a vitality in life that felt childlike, animated.  This dreamy place is my familiar waiting room for spirits and it changes based on whomever I’m meeting here.  Today, Sandra, this energetic spirit with whom I was communicating, made it appear like a large party in a hotel ballroom with a large dance space encircled by circular tables ready for a multi-course dinner.  She kept gesturing to these four women behind her and I could sense that they were all friends.  There was love here.  And a lot of partying!

I described all this to Marissa and Darla, who were sitting with me in my office.  So you know, my office is laid out like a comfortable living room — a comfy couch, bright lighting, a coffee table, a soft chair for me and the windows facing west towards Puget Sound.  I want people like Marissa who was here for her mother, to settle into the experience as comfortably as possible.

Sandra was about to draw me in to this huge party where everyone was wearing funny looking hats, all red, until I told her I was here with her daughter.  “Tell her I love her,” she said.  Out of all the messages given to me by spirit, this has to be the most common one but still as powerful.  “And I love it here, everyone is celebrating and having a good time.  I can’t wait to rejoin the party!”  Sandra continued on.  I could see all the activity around us and I wished that I could share this experience with Marissa because then she would know, undeniably, that her mother was well and enjoying herself in this afterlife.  Marissa and Darla were both touched during this experience because they recognized all of it.  Her mother’s energy, personality and words were right on.  Why wouldn’t they, they were coming from her.

Right then, in the middle of our conversation, Sandra shifted what she was showing me and we were now in a hospital room.  Sandra no longer looking like the vibrant image she was previously projecting for me, ill and resting, attached to monitors and tubes I’m sure were meant to keep her comfortable.  Even then though, I could see the spark of the vivacious woman within.  It was cancer, I sensed, and from what I could see it was all throughout her body.  I don’t enjoy these moments of re-experiencing a person’s final days because they are often so tragic.  I’ve done it so much that I feel prepared for any end I’m to experience.  However they are necessary to show the loved one that whom I’m speaking with is indeed the one they remember.  Plus, there are often questions about a loved one’s passing – was there pain, do they remember, did they know I was there, etc.  Just then I saw Marissa walk into the hospital room with two others, then time sped up and Sandra passed.  Sharing all of this again with Marissa and Darla, again they recognized the narrative and felt those familiar bittersweet emotions again.

Sandra stepped in once more but this time like a singer strolling onto a stage.  With a flourish she erased all there was about that hospital room.  Bright eyed and excited, she shared with Marissa (through me) that everything is beautiful on the other side and that she’ll be sure to come and get Marissa when its her time.  “But don’t rush!  There’s a whole lot more living you’re supposed to do.  And enjoy it birdie!”  These were Sandra’s last words for her daughter that day.  Birdie was a term of endearment for Marissa used by her mother and this time it was just as loving.

We spent the rest of our time together reconnecting Marissa and Darla with other loved ones who were eager to speak and share about their goings on; Darla’s father and aunt, a family friend too.  Her father shared about wonderful times camping in the woods up north with the whole family and all his goofy shenanigans while there.  It was a fun session with these gals, nothing too serious was covered and we were all left lifted because of our interaction with Sandra and the other spirits.  Sandra was definitely spirited and bright!

I appreciate the experiences that day more fully now after how hundreds of other sessions could be so grave and serious.  I’m not complaining, I’m merely stating that this reconnection and others like it left me feeling more uplifted and joyous than others.  I also don’t know if its because I’m more of a counselor type of psychic, or if its my laid back demeanor that makes clients feel safe opening up to mediumship in those sessions that are quite serious and solemn even.  So the times when spirits like Sandra come through, expressing so much happiness, vibrancy and love, I can’t help but feel excited and energized afterward.  She literally lifted my spirits just as she did her daughter’s.  Isn’t that the point actually?  Isn’t that the reason we feel compelled enough to reach out to this professional spirit communicator; for us to feel those wonderful, juicy, warm feelings with our loved ones again?

There are many things I’ve learned while on-the-job as a spirit communicator, a medium, and it varies between something functional (like how this ability works, or what the afterlife is like, or how the Universe functions) and something sentimental (like what matters to a spirit, or to a loved one dealing with the loss, or how spirits live).  It continues to fascinate me how sophisticated our Human Technology is and how no part of us is ever ‘dead‘ even when our physical body dies.  We are always spirited, literally full of energy, enthusiasm and determination.  Why am I even surprised, Life is Life after all, regardless of its form.

That is why I would like to challenge you to reclaim your spirited self, and welcome a more joyous and uplifted you.  Notice what bogs you down, what takes you away from feeling like yourself and what limits you in showing up as your best during the day.  Then cut it out or notice when you’re doing it so you then have a choice in how you want to feel.  I see too many clients on a daily basis that let their spirit, their light be dimmed and if it happens long enough, we lose ourselves.  I can’t let you do that and here’s where things get serious — because if you get lost, it will lead to regrets, damaged relationships and unfinished aspirations or dreams.  This creates spiritual weight, or drag and it can follow a spirit into the afterlife for god knows how long.

A spirit must be light, free, and that process begins while in this life, in a body.  Here’s why, as a human being you are part energy (Spirit) and part matter (Body), as such we experience life in all its moments of greatness and not-so-greatness.  When we have regrets, unfinished business, dreams we never moved on, we are weighed down because we never released or expressed ourselves fully.  Ever heard of restless spirits?  Yes, they are real.

A spirit, being all energy and no matter, cannot fully process emotions or undigested feelings and experiences.  See, emotions have an energetic component, the feeling and the energetic charge of happiness, sorrow, peace, etc., and they also have a physical component, in how they move you to tears, a smile, or physiological release, etc.  A spirit only has access to the energetic charge of an emotion, and no body to discharge it through.  Unless it finds a willing volunteer like a close loved one or an untrained, inexperienced medium and then it discharges the emotions through them.  However that’s too much work.  Make it easy and discharge, process, digest, release anything and everything you need to in order to reclaim your true spirited nature.  You deserve it!

Like with Sandra, she was light, she was experiencing awesomeness in the afterlife, so much so that she was throwing this party.  Which, according to Marissa, was an annual tradition for her to throw a benefit party where the feature was to wear a red hat, and this brought joy to Marissa that her mom was still up to her jovial antics even in spirit.  A lot of gifts are shared from spirited spirits beyond closure and reconnection; we should be just as free as they are in life so get to it already!

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David Zarza says:

I hope you enjoyed it, Suzanne! Let’s get your spirit back. The journal is a great start, get that chatter on paper an out of your mind. It really doesn’t belong there and I know that for sure. Thank you, you are a remarkable woman!

David Zarza says:

I love hearing that, Joanne! Keep smiling because you are the light. Keep sharing your brightness my dear. Blessings!

David Zarza says:

You are ever so welcome, Lawrence! I only want to release people from fear, teach how to live more consciously and be the love in the world that I desire to experience!

Thank you for reading. Feel free to share too!