The Scary Truth About OOBEs and Astral Travel

This is one of the first posts in a series called, A Modern Mystic’s Guide To:, and in this post we will discuss the scary truth about OOBEs and astral travel.  [OOBEs are Out-of-body-experiences]  What prompted this post is a question from a client that I met with recently and an anomalous experience that left them shaken and confused.  Curiously though, I’ve received a number of similar questions from other clients and random inquiries via my website.  This is why this topic warrants urgent attention.  Here is my client’s question:

“Hi David,

I had a scary experience last night and I wanted to run it by you to make sure 1) I’m not crazy and 2) it’s not something dark or bad that I should be worried about.  I have been talking to my grandpa, who we visited with during my last session.  I have felt him, at least I think it’s him.  I get a tingly, vibrating sensation all over, kind of like the feeling you get after a body part goes numb but before your get the pain of pins and needles.  I also hear a tinnitis-like ringing in my ears, similar to the sound/feeling you would get when you would turn on an older tv.  I felt this last night, after I addressed her and the Universe.  I expressed my fascination with the world beyond ours and said I wanted to know and learn about it.

I had a dream I was at one of my friend’s homes (I didn’t recognize the home), helping her move.  There were a number of people there that I didn’t know, as well as a dog.  I was in the living room of the house when someone called out the name Herman Shelton.  I don’t know a Herman Shelton.  I then started to feel the vibration and the tinnitis sensations.  I saw a picture in my head of two white stick figures and the word “partner” popped into my head.  The vibration sensation became really, really intense!  Like someone was really upset or angry.  My whole body was vibrating.  Then, I heard someone say, “AHHHHHHHH!!!  WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!”  I felt someone pull my arm and I woke up, feeling the energy dissipate.  I was afraid to go back to sleep.  

Ok.  What in the heck was that?  Did I do something wrong?  Was it a bad entity?  Should I refrain from addressing the Universe like that?  I know we have a session coming up next month.  I just want to make sure my family and I are safe and I didn’t inadvertently invite something in.

Thank you!”

So many juicy ideas to tackle in their question and here was my response to them.  I made sure to respond quickly because I too remember having a similar worry about my safety after being shaken by powerful experiences like these.  Its no fun and those of you who have also experienced the process of OOBEs and astral travel likely can relate to them here.  However if you haven’t experienced fully conscious OOBEs  and astral travel, then know that if you’re on the journey of awakening to the greatness of the Universe, you will likely have these kind of experiences at some point.

Here was my response:

“I know exactly what you’re feeling, Michael!  

You’ll read more about it in my book, When Spirits Call, the one that you purchased and should get to you prior to our upcoming session.  You experienced something pretty rare yet more and more prevalent these days – an almost fully conscious out of body experience.  See, it is possible to venture around, out, in or to places unimaginable within this Universe when out of your body.  In these non-physical realms you navigate & travel at thee speed of thought.  Its truly a magnificent and amazing experience!  

However, the separation process (your spirit from your body) can be overwhelming, scary, intense and sometimes even traumatic.  You’ll know you’re undergoing a separation when you feel that intense vibration again, like someone were shaking you violently or as if electricity were coursing all through you (only without pain).  These vibrations will be accompanied by loud sounds of different kinds.  For me the sound is like a thousand ocean waves crashing all around me or like the loudest velcro being pulled apart.  

The process is curiously uniform for everyone, yet the process is interestingly unique in our experience of it.  That is what you were dealing with, the separation process prior to an OOBE and astral travel.  It was nothing evil or dark but it can be very scary.  Fear and serious apprehension may end the separation and any OOBE you may be on.  From what you shared, you were just about to gain access to areas and realms of this Universe that not many people have access to.  Apparently the Universe sees you as a person of high integrity, with a strong sense of self and the mental/emotional fortitude enough to handle the raw unknown within these realms.  I can share more when we connect but try to have no fear, it is an experience and ability that is very special and uncommon but you also have the right to deny it whenever you feel it coming on.
Now a warning…when you are separating and when you are fully out of your body, try to remain in a state of acquiescence or curiosity or at least a calmness.  These emotional/mental states will help you in having a pure experience versus a tumultuous one.  Strong emotions like fear, anxiety and apprehension will cause you to transition into areas and realms that match those emotions.  Said more simply, if you are scared, it will be scary, but if you are joyful or calm, then it will be beautiful for you.  I know this is all easier said than done but try to remain as calm or curious as possible, even though the sensations and perceptions you’ll experience will usually be intense.  
I believe your grandpa was trying to help you separate by taking your energetic arm, not your physical one.  It is rare when a spirit can interact with our physical selves and our physical world; totally possible but not very common.  He was probably trying to help you out of your body since you made the request to know and learn from the world beyond ours.  The Universe, aka the Bitchy Genie, grants every wish and prayer but often not in the form we most desire, but in this case it sounds like it was gifting you with the separation process prior to a fully conscious OOBE and astral travel.  When you are fully separated, you will enter and be present within a more thought-responsive realm, an energetic counterpart to our physical world and it is in these realms that you’re able to easily interact with your grandpa.  You will be able to see them and even interact with them as appropriate.  It can be really amazing because you can also go anywhere you wish with just a thought, ANYWHERE, even in time, ANYWHEN!
Remind me to tell you about not thinking about your body while out, the flora and fauna of those realms, encountering other beings, your authority over the unseen, and testing the reality of this for yourself.  Speak soon my dear and count on having a repeat of this separation process soon unless you tell the Universe you don’t want to, which is ok.  You have that right.  I am also attaching a simple handbook that I use with my Psychic Gym students and others who are curious about these experiences.  Let me know of any additional questions, ok.  Blessings,

Have you had similar experiences or sensations and perceptions as they have?  If so, what did you think they were?  How did you manage or cope with them?  Did you fully separate?

If not, then do you desire to have these kinds of experiences?  Would you like to have fully conscious OOBEs and astral travel?  If so, I have a small guidebook for you to review and prepare for this type of experience.  Do let me know if you’d like a copy.

As always, please feel free to comment, as questions or share a thought in the section below.  I’d love to hear from you.  Enjoy and blessings,


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