The Arrogance of Now, and the Gifts of Karma

I write this as a warning, likely to those who will never read these words, but I want them to exist in case they are read. You, who harms a child wrenched from the arms of her mother, you who ridicules the indigenous man protecting the Earth for others, you who mindlessly kills the beautiful animals of this world without a care, and you who selfishly steps on another’s heart merely because you could; I speak to you.

You’ve believed for too long that this one life is all there is for you and I’m sad to say this is one of many and you choose to use your virtues, your gifts and blessings to sow pain and hardship. This world that’s currently built for the white man, as the white man today who chooses to cause pain, you don’t know that you’ll become the native trangendered woman tomorrow who is beaten, killed and burned by another’s hand that feels no remorse. The Universe gifted you with blindness and memory loss of your yester-lives to free you from the weight of who you were and to choose freely – better the world around you or darken it more? Always your choice.

See, consequences to the unlimited power of the Universe are not bound by time. Your death today could mean a rebirth for you centuries in the past, but you don’t know that, you won’t know that until you’re there. The Universe always seeks balance and the negation of deeds done now may take you into the future or to ages long dead. It can be confusing to think that a modern spirit from the future could be returned to the past, but how else do you think process happens. Even the pain you cause today, could be a gift at another time, but that’s a gamble I’m not willing to take.

Be responsible with your thoughts and feelings, as much or more so than you are with your words and actions because they all matter. Every life matters! And until you see that with a clarity that then guides your very being in your present moments, you’ll be bound by the cycle of death and rebirth that is the Karmic cycle. Set yourself free and start playing a bigger game! You know what its like to be in a life that feels as if someone else is forcing you to play it, where the rules seem hidden to you and where the other players are a lot of throw away roles. You’re probably already sick of it and you’re not even yet at midlife. Its too early and you’re too young to not know what’s at play here.

Set yourself free. Free yourself by being more courageous in your moments. Let your heart breath and scream what it says it feels. Stop smothering it with the habits you’re used to; have courage and be kind! The Universe is challenging you to play a bigger game; so play it.

As always, all my love and blessings to you,

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