So Its a Headtrip Then? What to do about it…

Your inner alarm, aka your intuition, has been going off for a while now. Maybe even your romantic partner feels like a stranger again. But how do you know if you’re being irrational and biased in an unfounded way? What if you are making a mistake and mischaracterizing your romantic partner?

Here’s the deal, if the relationship you’ve got on your hands feels like a headtrip, then that’s a message from the Universe to keep your eyes open and watchful. If your friends & family are telling you there might be something wrong with your romantic partner, then there might be something going on. If you feel like you’re being isolated and your social circle consists of you, your romantic partner and your pet, then time to really watch out. If you’re more sad and lost rather than feeling confident and happy mostly, you’ve got a problem!

And if you’ve got all of the above, then get your sneakers ready because it could be time to run…right now!

Here’s what to do though, now that you do know you don’t have love on your hands and instead its a headtrip. You’ll feel compelled to find evidence, more evidence, than just the feelings that you don’t trust them, that they’re not being honest with you, that you wish things were better between you both. You’ll still want more. You might even be feeling like, I don’t want to be the one to breakup because what if I’m wrong? Or maybe I can just wait until they text/call/email me back from my message a week ago, they might have just been tied up all this time. Whatever, you do what you feel you need to but I can guess what will happen – you’ll be left feeling alone, confused and maybe even sad. You might even go see a psychic or your therapist for more information, yet you already know what you need to do.

Next time…what it is you need to do, if you’re not ready to run. Love and blessings to you,



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