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[accordion][accordion_item open=”true” title=”How do I schedule a session with David?”]For immediate booking, call David or his assistant at 323.989.2792 or send them an email to david@davidzarza.com requesting an appointment.

You may also go to the Shop, select the Session or Package type you would like to purchase and through the checkout process you will be asked to book your session at your preferred date & time.  If for some reason, the automated process does not work for you, please send me a message through the Contact page![/accordion_item][accordion_item title=”Do I need to provide you with any personal information beforehand?”]Nope, not at all.  The less information I have about you, the better the session usually goes!  So if you are not booking a session through this website and instead leave me a voicemail, please leave no information other than your name, contact information and preferred session days & times. Please do not write me before our session “explaining” anything about yourself, your past history or current situation. In addition to a sharply honed psychic sense, I also have a vivid imagination.  So my creative mind can easily run away with any bits of information beyond your name.[/accordion_item][accordion_item title=”What if I don’t have any loved one’s who have passed, is a reading still advised?”]Absolutely! It happens all the time that people distantly related to you can come through. Just because you didn’t know them personally doesn’t mean they aren’t connected to you.  They’ll provide you with information, sometimes surprising but that you may verify at another time or with another loved one who knew them.  Remember, you get to choose the type of session you want.  Your reading doesn’t necessarily have to be about spirit communication.  It can also be about a present issue, life situations, curious occurrences and spiritual direction.  There are no limits with me![/accordion_item][accordion_item title=”What’s the preparation for our session like? How do I prepare?”]My favorite answer….it depends!  LOL  It does, whatever session type you want requires a different sort of preparation which I will explain below.  For all sessions you should have a clear intention for what you want from our time together.  For example, would you like some validation, encouragement, look into possibilities and probabilities, reassurance, peace of mind, actionable action steps, etc.  Figure that out, clarify it and express it to the Universe because it is always listening!

For Psychic Readings – Come prepared with questions, perhaps a pen and paper.  I always begin by opening up to the Universe first anyway but we may launch into your specific questions at any time.

For Mediumship sessions – If there are any loved ones in spirit that you’d like to reconnect with, send out a silent invitation to them!

For Coaching – I will have sent you paperwork for you to complete, once I receive it back I will prepare a session plan for our time together.

Just remain open and honest and we will have a wonderful session![/accordion_item][accordion_item title=”Why hasn’t what you told me happened yet?”]I tell my clients the same disclaimer around predictions and the future: “We always have our foot on the gas or the brake when it comes to our future, so elements that I see within a specific time-frame may shift or change based on decisions made now.” To us, time appears linear and sequential but it is actually made up of infinite possibilities. Also, there is no time within the spirit world though there appears to be change occurring. Its strange, I know it but its also beautiful and mysterious!

Yet it wouldn’t be right of me to not share that I am human, I may misinterpret the signs. However, I still receive those messages from clients who have received exactly what was predicted. But what I have found that is the most powerful predictor of whether something were to come to fruition is intention from the client.[/accordion_item][accordion_item title=”Why didn’t certain people come through?”]I can’t control who wishes to reach out to you during a session, sometimes its not who we expect or we’re caught by surprise because of a distant connection.  I also can’t control what information is shared, but I’ve found that you can ask questions of the spirit.  One additional way that I am different than other mediums is that I can often find a spirit by name.  Sort of like Professor X and Cerebro, I use your loving connection and the spirit’s name to locate them for you.  This is not my preferred method but it is another option![/accordion_item][accordion_item title=”What if I’m not comfortable with the information coming through?”]You should at no time be uncomfortable with any part of a session with me because at the outset I ask for you to inform me if you’d like for me to share with you everything that I perceive.  If you answer, “Yes,” then I will do so.  If you say, “No,” then I will filter the information I share as requested.  However, since I am so casual and informal, you get to speak up at any time during the session just as you would if you were simply chatting with a trusted friend.[/accordion_item][accordion_item title=”Can you tell what’s in my future?”]In a word, yes.  The future is one element of our lives that is perceivable by me during a psychic reading.  Future events may also be communicated about during a mediumship session, but not always.[/accordion_item][accordion_item title=”Do you do readings in person? What about group readings?”]Always!  Though I prefer face-to-face in person session, I do have clients all around the world so Skype or a simple phone session works just as well.  All I need to make a connection with a client is the sound of their voice; its just how I work.  Please visit the Shop to purchase and schedule your session or use the Contact page to contact me to schedule a session.

Group readings are also available and fees will vary depending on size of group and allotted time for our session. Travel expenses may also apply, depending on the location desired.[/accordion_item][/accordion]