Protection and Safety for a Baby Psychic

A Modern Mystic’s Guide To: Protection and Safety for a Baby Psychic

The ideas in this post are likely be provocative and controversial to those who study psychism, mediumship, healing and any other etheric powers of man.

Protection Not Necessary
I personally don’t believe you need any practices of protection when interacting with the energetic and unseen realms of this Universe.  To me, practices of protection like invoking the white light, shields of all sorts, calling on beings of protection or even prayers are all unnecessary.  Instead, I believe in the existence of inherent safety when dealing with all aspects of the Universe such that I live in a constant, default setting that asserts “all is of the good,” “I am safe and secure,” and that “the Universe has my best interest at its heart.”  This is why I believe that practices of protection actually weaken your relationship with the Universe and leave you open to possible harm.

I know this all seems counter-intuitive and here’s why:

  • Integrity & Vulnerability Are Already States of Power – Integrity, or inner alignment, is the key to these powers – psychicness, mediumship, healing, prophesy, and all the others are only reliably accessible when in a state of conscious or effortless Integrity.  Vulnerability releases the energy within you to fuel these abilities and your focused concentration.  Believing that protection is needed when exercising these natural gifts we’ve been given weakens our innate power by implying we are delving into something unnatural and dangerous.  Wrong.  The Universe desires for us to own the entirety of who we are, with courage, curiosity and trust, while exploring all parts of the Universe.
  • Mastery of Your Thoughts & Emotions Creates Inner Safety – Thought responsive realms and the beings in them respond to our emotions.  Fears attract and invite the unnerving and scary, just as joy and love invite that which is safe and secure.  Practices of protection by their very nature require something that challenges our sense of safety in order to operate as that protection.  Challenges to our sense of safety naturally trigger fears or concern about what may harm us whether we know what the threat is or not.  This emotional reaction may be enough to throw us into an experience that is unsafe or even traumatizing.  Thankfully though, I have seen that the Universe has systems in place that keep us away from anything that is potentially harmful or distressing.  Do your part by mastering your thoughts and emotions.
  • Power of Love – Love is more than an emotion, it is an inert force whose expression (constructive and connective or destructive and corrosive) is dependent on the intention of whomever is focusing that love.  Love is an energetic force that creates strong effects in the thought-responsive realms.  Most practices of protection are weak and ineffective in the energetic realms of the Universe because they function off of concepts native to this physical world.  Love can be used like a shield and a sword, able to address any present threat or become like a field able to transform anything within it.  How you wield love is up to you and I’ll take Love over any known practice of protection any day.
  • Life Empowers You – By virtue of being alive (living as both energy and matter as divine creations) altogether different than most everything that exists in the energetic realms, we are gifted much authority.  Because we are living beings, we have authority over the unseen.  Therefore additional protection beyond this natural authority is really unnecessary when the Universe already empowers you to have power over most of what you’ll ever encounter in the many energetic realms.  You’ll need to internalize this as you explore the energetic aspects of this Universe when strengthening your psychic abilities.

Trust Implicitly
So trust that you have more help and protection already in place as afforded by this awesome Universe of ours.  Don’t spend another thought on mysterious unknown dangers posing a potential threat to you as you explore extraordinary knowing and the astral realms.  Your focus and energy are better invested in a peaceful and trusting relationship with the Universe because it has more to show you than you can ever imagine and it desires for you to become much more than you ever thought you could be in this lifetime.

Good luck to you brave adventurers and as always, enjoy!


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