VIP Level Access


This unique monthly subscription VIP Level Access to David Zarza gives you:

  • Unlimited access by phone to David (within reason, we will not be chatting 24/7) for brief calls as desired.  Just call me at my special number.
  • Email access to David twice per month for 12 months (from time of purchase) with up to 2 questions per email. Email must be received prior to the 5th of the month and will be answered within one week via email.
  • Quarterly 30 minute call or Skype session with David to cover any topic of your choosing (career, relationships, mediumship requests, health concerns, etc.)
  • Special VIP Discount Code to use on all events and products.
  • Special VIP Only Pricing for in-person sessions or additional phone or Skype sessions not included in VIP Package.
  • Special pre-sale offers not available to the public.
  • Access to a weekly VIP only e-news spiritual practice with David.

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