Relationship Reading


If you would like to explore a relationship in your life, this reading is ideal for you. Whether a parent, sibling, child, partner, spouse, or friend, if you want to learn more about a relationship, including the potential, the purpose, or ways to strengthen and improve the relationship, this is the ideal reading for you. Note: You must have all needed information for both people to order this package.

Included with this package:

        • Synastry chart & Report
        • Analysis of relationship strengths
        • Analysis of relationship weaknesses
        • Suggestions on how to best support the other person and how to get the best support from the other person.
        • Insights into how to navigate obstacles or issues within the relationship, including tips for how to best communicate.

*To ensure the best level of accuracy possible, you should know the following: 1. Date of birth 2. Time of birth 3. Location of birth

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