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I am thrilled to have this book available not only for my Psychic Gym attendees but also for anyone who is interested in a grounded, easy to follow, and curious take on spiritual/psychic development.  Here is a brief excerpt from the first chapter of the Handbook.  

7th Sense Living

A Brief Overview

“Who do you reach out to when you need a trusted guide?  A source of truth? 

How would it feel if you no longer had to guess about whom to trust, what decision is best or even knowing that you’ll be safe and happier after certain abrupt changes in your life?

What do you do when the world around you feels unpredictable and no longer secure?  

What if you knew you had a wise and unwavering ally throughout your life?  This ally would have the memory of your past and awareness of your most perfect, possible future along with immediate knowledge of the world around you.  This ally of yours may also connect with the allies of others to give you guidance, inner-peace and greater security because they know they are always with you and eagerly willing to answer your every question. 

This ally is very real.  It is the Universe and you perceive, even dialogue with the Universe via your 7th Sense!

Your 7th Sense is as natural as your sight, your curiosity and your ability to dream!  We live in constant dialogue with and are intimately connected to the Universe — as One — so much so that there is no limit to what you have access to or can call on from the Universe when you use your 7th Sense.  Belief is the fist step, followed by awareness, then practical experience.  How far would you like to go in your relationship with the Universe?

This resonates with you doesn’t it?  I know, the truth of this hits you very clearly and powerfully!  We could be living in a wonderfully different world if we all acknowledged this Oneness reality.  Wouldn’t you love to be a part of that Oneness in a very conscious and deliberate way?  Connecting with your 7th Sense is the key!”

This is often how I begin my seminars and workshops around our 7th Sense because it is all true.  We’ve all had access to and insights from our 7th Sense but because we are such a rational and logic-based society, this information is quickly dismissed or receptivity to it is de-programmed out of us.  De-programming is so prevalent and almost expected that our parents do it (often unknowingly), as do our teachers and institutions that populate and form the foundation of our very civilization.

What I offer you within this handbook are the tools to undo that programming and re-awaken your most natural of gifts — your 7th Sense.  At the very least, your perceptions of the world you live in will be enhanced and your relationships with those around you will deepen and strengthen.  At its greatest, you will experience profound inner-peace, reliable guidance, inspiration and empowerment.  You will become more confident in your choices and co-create your life just as you imagine it…  What a wonderful gift to give yourself!

7th Sense Living

At its most basic, the 7th Sense Living concept asserts that we all have this innate and inseparable connection with the Universe, including everyone and everything within it.  This connection is facilitated by our 7th Sense.  Because of this connection, we all have the capacity for extraordinary knowing — insights into our lives, the people in them and the experiences we have in every moment, in all of time, and about anyone; including access to information, people and experiences that are not our own.

The way we understand the Universe through our 7th Sense is facilitated by our System — the Mind, the Body & the Spirit.  There are five main reception and sensing zones within our System: Seeing, Hearing, Knowing, Feeling, Dreaming and an effecting zone, Healing.  Each zone is active in each of us to some degree.  However, not all sensing zones are initially as strong as others.  We are all endowed with a zone or two that are naturally stronger than the others.  Your natural strength, at first, will be one of these six zones: Healing, Dreaming, Seeing, Hearing, Feeling or Knowing.  Notice which one you are leaning towards as you read this.

The reason you are so gifted in one zone depends much on your life experience and general make up.  Therefore, how you developed by virtue of both nature and nurture will often indicate which zone your System is most attuned to.  We will explore this further later in this handbook.

7th Sense Principles

When becoming conscious of how to hone your spiritual gifts, there are some principles with which you should familiarize and internalize for yourself. These will help to assure and insure: purity of communication, fidelity of the messages and reliability in the interactions between you and the Universe. As a result, when you expect to receive insights, guidance and messages from the Universe through your System you must do your best to:

  • Be in integrity within yourself
    • When you are in inner alignment, the Universe’s energy and consciousness may easily flow through you, responding to you
  • Know you are always protected when in integrity
    • The Universe supports you at all times and is focused on what you attend to; you may only be harmed if you believe you may be harmed. Be vigilant of fear though as fear is a System opener too
  • Be open to being surprised:
    • Which requires that you release expectations and preconceptions as much as is possible
  • Go with what you get:
    • Everything you receive through your System is what the Universe intends for you to get.
  • Allow the message to develop for you:
    • Even though you always have the ability to influence how the message is delivered to you, it is easiest to allow the message to develop from within. Notice the seed and allow it to bloom
  • Trust in the message itself:
    • The message being conveyed by the Universe is the message itself, notice how you may wish to color, filter or edit the message and avoid all that
  • Not interpret, but you may if you’d like
    • When receiving on someone else’s behalf, you do not need to know what the message means; as it comes is just as it’s intended
  • Know that Resonance trumps Understanding:
  • How does it resonate with your System vs. does it make sense or is it plausible? Resonating as valid through your System is preferred

The 7th Sense Concept

What inspired my idea of the 7th Sense (your connection to the Universe which vibrates higher than the physical body yet is still a part of the physical and energetic whole), I kept receiving to the same image — a sphere of light!

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