Annual Psychical


Annual Psychical 2018 is a 90 minute session which is part psychic reading, coaching, life path and relationship assessment!

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A 90 minute exploratory session for an in-depth experience. During this part psychic, part coaching session we will explore the following areas:

Psychic/Intuitive Reading/Intuitive Coaching: We will take a look at what is currently going on in your life and I’ll share insights with you about how things look to be playing out up ahead for you.

Relationship Reading: I’ll tune in to up to 3 of your closest relationships, giving you suggestions on how to strengthen them, influence them or perhaps move on from them in the healthiest way possible.

Holistic Spirit Scan: Together, we will talk about your current concerns, your long-term goals and I will look at your Spiritual Roadmap to give you guidance on how to pursue the best possible path for you, towards what I like to call your Perfect Possible Future Self!


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