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Physical Sight Can’t Be Trusted, So Trust Your Inner Sight!

What do we really see?
Physical Sight Can’t Be Trusted, So Trust Your Inner Sight!

A dear friend of mine, Chris (and graduate of my Psychic Gym(TM)) sent me this excerpt attached to a personal message that read, “Nice little scientific insight into why humans are psychic and we communicate in images.”  So of course I had to read it!

Some of you may know that I had to be blinded as a child due to a serious eye injury at 4 years old.  I often refer to this experience as my most formative in becoming a Psychic Medium and Intuitive Life Coach.  The reason being that because I had to function in every way without the use of my eyesight for a prolonged period of time, it forced me to rely on my inner sight and other senses to get along.

Amazing But True!

We know our eyes can’t “see” anything. Neuroscience is 100% certain that our eyes are not camera lenses that we “look out of”. Instead, the eyes are simply extensions of the brain that receive light photons which stimulate and trigger electro-chemical nerve impulses that pass along the optic nerve to the occipital cortex. One third of our brain is dedicated to processing these electro-chemical nerve stimulations.

No images or pictures move along the optic nerve to the brain. Nothing but very subtle electro-chemical exchanges along the neurons leading to the brain occur.

The occipital cortex then processes these nerve impulses and creates images as well as a 3D movie that it thinks best represents what’s “out there”. All we ever “see” are these brain/mind generated simulations. These simulations are occurring only within the mind; no one ever sees the actual “outer world”.

We know we don’t need eyes to “see” colors,3D shapes or depth. We know this because at night in our dreams we can see virtually all colors, forms, landscapes and depth, all with no help from physical eyes. “Seeing” is a function of the mind not eyes. When you step outside and look at your world, all you view are images produced in the brain/mind. The substance of what you are looking at is the same substance your dream images are made of; projections of mind. You are never seeing actual trees, clouds or people, nor are you seeing your own actual physical body.

Not only does the brain/mind create an internal 3D movie, but it also projects a viewer watching it! That’s the sense of being a witnessing perceiver, “seer” of the virtual simulation.

The person you seem to be as an individual perceiver of your visual world, is no more real than the person you seem to be in your dreams at night. Both are equally projections of memory, conditioning and imagination. It’s this imaginary self projection that suffers and seeks liberation; just like in your dreams at night. There is no “real” you in there. Realizing this absence of a real “you”, is what “awakening” means. Realizing this absence of a real you is what the meaning of the “empty nature of self” describes. There never was a “real” you.

Your true nature is a vast Aware and Knowing Emptiness , the emptiness in which everything magically appears as the display of your own emptiness…

Its as if I took a crash course in understanding the world of energy, where all those signals coming through our senses become trusted as things, objects, people, etc., to me they would forever be energetic stimuli that refer to things, objects and people, etc.  Let me explain, when I look into a person, experience, future, etc., I “see” it all but not in a way that would make sense if drawn or played in a moving picture.  That’s why when I’m asked by clients to describe how their loved one in spirit looked, I often can’t tell them how they looked because what I perceived were symbols and indicators that reflect height, weight, scars, hair color, personality, and more.

So I’m not being cagey or mysterious when I say, “You wouldn’t understand.”  Its true, because to my inner sight green may not mean green, lines aren’t always lines and words don’t mean a thing psychically.  I know, its strange, but at the same time its beautiful and rich and wonderful.  This is what I teach others to master through the Psychic Gym series of courses – to develop your own inner dictionary to understand the specific energetic stimuli you will perceive through your inner senses.

Enjoy the piece above and I wonder what questions it may spark up in you.  Feel free to reach out via email (david @davidzarza.com), text (206-920-9409) or on my professional facebook page here – https://www.facebook.com/TheDavidZarza/

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