Peace Be With You…

Its my wish for you today, on this rainy day after the Women’s March this morning whose energy I enjoyed in the comfort of my living room here in Seattle. I used to be one of those rally criers who took part in all the marches, all the protests and rallies that my fellow brothers in sisters with impassioned hearts in such vital minds, decided to join while at UCLA. Those were days that I felt the rush of community while joining my voice with the voices of hundreds, and we pushed for change. Sometimes change was made and seen, but sometimes change was the energy we left of ourselves on the streets and in the reactions of those across from us. Those were different times for me.

Now, I take part in the cycles of change in a different way. I know that what happens out here, in the world we can see, is a result of change within, in the realm of energy before it can take shape. Now, my influence is made in the realms of thought, idea, inspiration and emotion. I sprinkle ideas into the hearts of those who are younger, older, without power and with power and see how their actions are affected by those new ideas; just like the marble cake I am baking in the oven. Will it be more vanilla or more chocolate? We will see!

In life though, as I go about my day, I utter a silent prayer to all who mingle in my moments. This prayer is simple but powerful and it is, “I love the parts of you, you don’t yet love. Peace be with you.” I seek out their darkness with the power of the divine because only the Universe knows all that they are. It has gifted me abilities to see into the dark corners of people’s being but I can only share if they ask for guidance. I’m a polite psychic tasked with the helping of all those around me, but only if they seek it. So, I love my job and I love living out this purpose. And for those who don’t ask for help, I silently say that prayer for them, “I love the parts of you, you don’t yet love. Peace be with you.”

As always, all my love and blessings to you,

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