Kiss the Rain: Handling the Fears in Life

Is it just me or are you periodically surprised by the chill in the raindrops from the Spring showers we’ve been experiencing?  Not that I’m complaining.  This is the Pacific Northwest after all.  But I just noticed how chilly the rain seemed to be while walking through Folklife at the Seattle Center this weekend.  Amazingly, yesterday’s sun was brilliant and warm on the first unofficial day of Summer!

Anyway, like I said, this is not a complaint just something I found curious; for many reasons…

So what does this have to do with a Hypnosis newsletter?  Well, previously, I mentioned “constants” in our lives and how we all have at least one that helps us live our lives fully, as fully as we choose anyway.  Well this past week I had a client much like all my clients, a very high performing, ambitious and wonderful person, excellent at what they do.  They were dealing with some negative thoughts that were causing them distress.  We uncovered exactly where these were coming from, a core belief around the fear of failure and its subsequent cloud of fear that surrounds them, at times immobilizing them and generally causing distress.

Some of you (like me) can relate to their plight and what I’ve learned as a therapist is that we can choose to fight the fear — which will cost energy, time and whatever else you’ve already seen it cost you to put up that fight or,  alternatively, we can embrace the fear as a part of us and keep living our life the way we choose.  Which way sounds easier and healthier for you?  Still undecided?

Picture the fear (whatever it might be for you) is like rain, and when it rains, it may lightly drizzle or pour down on you yet its still rain.  You can choose to stay indoors, shut off from the world because of that rain and maybe close the drapes, regularly checking outside to see if its stopped or not; curiously, its still raining each time you check.   However, you may also choose to go out in the rain, scream, cry, spew your rage at the rain until you’re tired or so upset, you just don’t want to deal with the rain, yet you still glare it is hatingly!  (Is that a word?  I guess I just made it up)  Or you can decide to pick up your favorite umbrella and go on with your day , seeing the rain as a part of your life and make the best of it. I have a feeling I know what you would choose to do with the rain, but can you also do that with your fears?

With this specific client, we’re focusing on the subconscious processes that limit their thoughts and behaviors when they experience the fear.  Along with that, we’re using some cognitive behavioral retraining as well.  The fact is, there is no way to remove a fear, fears are healthy and actually very helpful.  At times, your fears are wonderful signs that what you’re undertaking is great enough for you at this time.  Rest assured, when you’re kicking it up a level in your life, you will deal with fear.  But what will you do about it?  Hide?  Scream?  Kiss the rain, embrace it and carry on?

I know you can do it!  So get to it.  What fear is currently preventing you from living your life the way you choose?  Pick up your favorite umbrella and get to it!