Is What I’m Feeling, Normal?

Well firstly, what is it that you’re feeling? Seriously. The answer to the question above depends on what you’re feeling exactly and that is often the main issue we all have when it comes to feelings – we don’t know what it is we’re feeling or we don’t allow ourselves to feel fully.

Let’s get the ugly out of the way first. The feeling, emotions, and sentiments I’m referring to are all of the ones you are capable of feeling. I am attaching a helpful chart (thanks to fantasy and science fiction author, Julia West) here to give a general idea of the continuum of feelings we’re capable of (however, please know that there are almost an infinite amount of feelings and nuances to those feelings as well). What I mean by ugly is mindsets that aren’t exactly emotions, and of which, we are not touching on here, things like murderous or abusive or neglectful, etc. We’re not touching these here because they’re not entirely, clearly feelings.

What we are touching on are all the feelings as referenced in the chart above, which are distinctions and intensities of the main emotions of happy, sad, angry, afraid and ashamed because all of these are absolutely normal. THERE ARE NO NEGATIVE EMOTIONS and THERE ARE NO BAD EMOTIONS. Negative and Bad are simply judgments of your experiences and are likely a result of programming, belief and upbringing which you’l have to learn to get over. Why? Because if you don’t do so proactively, the Universe will then make you deal with your issues by matter of course.

There you have it, feel everything, feel it richly, and love all the feelings you’re capable of and if there are some you resist or hold as off-limits, then deal with that now. You don’t want the Bitchy genie stepping in and making you deal with it the hard ways. I’m curious though, any specific feelings or emotions you’re dealing with that you don’t think are normal? Feel free to share here publicly or send me a message privately to discuss.

As always, love and blessings to you,

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