Is Seeking G*d Worth It?

In the vein of normalcy, asking this question is entirely normal! Essentially this is a question you’ll have to answer for yourself at some point or points in your life, as no one else can answer it for you. But if I were to answer it for you, then I would say “Yes, it is vital and so worth it!”

Here’s why – as I’ve previously shared, we all have a System and this System is made up of our mind (consciousness), body (matter), and spirit (energy). Through the interaction of it all, we become a fully whole and integrated human being. To be the healthiest human being however, we must exercise all of these three parts.

Exercising your mind is easy as you can’t help but do that through the living of your life – you perceive, judge, discern, decide, etc. You may challenge yourself by reading what challenges you, puzzles and projects that you’ve not encountered before, competing with people who cause you to step up how you think of yourself and your life – all of these help to develop your consciousness and you may do so in a myriad of other ways.

Exercising your body can also happen through daily living, but usually requires you to take a fitness class, develop your conditioning, harness your health, etc. This is one of the easiest things to master in this life, to figure out what kind of motion or movement your physical body enjoys and then doing it!

Spiritually, however, is the aspect that often gets ignored or we are just never taught how to develop. Sadly, this leaves us susceptible to depression, anxiety, illness and disease, and often a listlessness that may be easily ameliorated by delving into spiritual pursuits. Spiritual pursuits may be as simple as exploring G*d, the mysteries of life, pursuing beauty of all kinds, following inspiration towards creation or experiences, practicing meditation and so many other ways.

So you see, the exploration of G*d can definitely be a healthy and worthwhile pursuit because as with any other things, it is not the destination that matters most but the journey itself that teaches us most! Have fun everyone, whether you come to have a relationship with G*d or any of the gods, or you reaffirm your atheism or agnosticism, please share how the seeking was worthwhile for you!

As always, love and blessings to you,

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