Is Confronting Challenges, Normal?

Simple answer is….it depends!

The real answer is more complex and depends on your specific challenge or your specific situation, but what you’re being challenged with is either an opportunity for growth or a warning sign that you should go no further. So, chances are good that the challenge before you may quite possibly be normal.

Generally speaking, most clients come to see me when they do have an issue or they’re experiencing a challenge or they’re not getting what they want in some area of their life. This difficulty is either in love and relationships, around their career, or to do with money, health, family or spirituality. That’s a wide range of possibilities…but here’s how to tell if what you’re facing is of the good or the not so good.


If your current challenge is causing you to face greater responsibility, to be more mature, to handle something with more grace or to simply “get over yourself,” then it is safe to say that you’ve got a healthy challenge on your hands –– so proceed! Proceeding though, may require some skills or characteristics in you that you aren’t used to or haven’t developed yet so it may be the right time to call on some help as with a therapist, some education, a coach or even a psychic to give you a more full picture that what you can perceive.

No Go!

If your challenge, as you face it or seemingly overcome it, costs you more than it will ever give back to you in either growth, time, resources, health or otherwise, then I can confidently say, “don’t go there!” Here’s why – the Universe, aka the Bitchy Genie that it is, truly does only give you what you can handle. However, because of the creative power we have, and the characteristic free-will we’ve been gifted, afford us the ability to fully deplete ourselves in unhealthy and non-optimal ways just because we felt like it. If you’ve experienced such depletion then you know how awful it can be and I want to acknowledge you for surviving it. That is not often the case when you go against the Universe’s path for you.

There you go, now look at what you’ve got on your plate and if the challenge seems worthy, tread onward brave guardian. If not, then stop, turn around, eat some sanity pie and choose better!

As always, love and blessings to you!

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