Inner Peace and What Gets In Our Way!

Yes, it is true that I have a preternatural amount of inner peace. I used to think I was boring (and that may be true) but I can literally calm someone down without even saying a word. I can do this mainly because I know how to cultivate Inner Peace within myself anytime, anywhere! Here are the five challenges though, that I had to learn to overcome:

  1. Greed – yes, greed in all forms and even its neighboring mindset, envy, will mess with your inner chill. To overcome greed, you’ve got to know at your deepest levels of self that you have enough, that you are enough and that you’re worthy of that peace!
  2. Lust – as long as you’ve got hormones in your hot little body of yours, lust can be an obstacle. Figure out how to satisfy this yummy craving in a balanced way (a fun and sexy partner can be such a great spiritual gift) and you can then channel lust energy into other creative means.
  3. Anger – oh boy, you know this one is a doozy, and not usually fun when its raging in you. Figure out how you best handle anger and work it out of you perhaps with some exercise, screaming into a pillow, gaming with other angry teens, or maybe a quick run or even communicating with your anger inducing target. Learn how you best get to let it go, and let it go!
  4. Attachment – attachments of any type are a challenge but the worst ones are attachments to the past, a person who has gone, and to fantasies that deny reality. Whatever you may be attached to, get to a place where being free of it can feel just as good or better than being attached to it.
  5. Ego – your ego, or what I call, the vessel which holds your spirit in this world, is handy and helpful as it can assist in navigating you through this world. However, when it gets wounded or overblown to itself, it will cause you and others significant pain. Overcome your ego and arrive at a balanced and healthy sense of self, you’ll thank yourself later!

There you go, address these five things in yourself and you’ll have a clearer path to your inner peace. Master these five things and you’ll have inner peace on demand, wherever and whenever you’d like it!

Love and blessings to you all,

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