The Importance of Self Confidence to a Baby Psychic

A Modern Mystic’s Guide To: The Importance of Self Confidence to a Baby Psychic

A wise man once said that great undertakings require a foundation of solid self confidence.  This is absolutely true in the regular world and even more true when dealing with the unseen world, the energetic counterpart of ours.  Although you don’t have to begin your journey into psychicness with an already high level of self confidence, you should have a healthy level of it and you should know what level of confidence to strive for.  However, what is good confidence anyway?  To me, healthy self confidence is having proper awareness, esteem, sense of identity, courage and kindness within yourself.

The Gifts of Great Confidence
There are many reasons and benefits to having a solid sense of self but the ones I’ll focus on are those I mention above:

  • Heightened self awareness, to know when information is coming through you and not from you.
  • Increased self esteem, yielding healthy self control and self discipline when it comes to mastering psy abilities that don’t come with an instruction manual.
  • Stronger sense of identity, to be able to handle experiences and perceptions beyond imagining.
  • Bold courage, to endeavor into the unknown, the mysteries that surround us and to mitigate fears that may sabotage your efforts.
  • Compassionate kindness, to understand and connect with others, freedom from the need to frighten, antagonize or bully others, thanks to an unshakeable inner strength.

Many more gifts of confidence await you as you build your sense of self, and even more areas of the Universe open up to you when you’re able to handle them.  However, this doesn’t mean that the Universe makes certain places off-limits, I would just advise prudence if your curiosity is bigger than your caution.  Now on to the fun!

On Self Awareness
Because I see these psy abilities not as supernatural or paranormal, but intellectual and natural, I’ve found they can also be taught.  One of the foundational requisites for acquiring and mastering your own psy abilities is to increase your level of self awareness.  You must learn how you think, how you feel, where your limits are, what frightens you, expose any hidden agendas, where you are not honest, what your blind spots are and everything else about you that you can know; at most every moment.  You want to be so aware that even the slightest changes, shifts, perceptions and phenomena will be noticed with ease and clarity.

Because we are literally swimming in a sea of information every moment of our lives, our minds thankfully filter out almost all non-relevant information.  For most of us, this same filter works for energy and information of the psychic kind.  So when you open up to psy kinds of information, the type you’re likely not used to perceiving on a regular basis, you’ll need this healthy self awareness to know when psy information is coming through you than from you.  When the insights, guidance and messages are coming from the Universe or your Higher Self rather than your analytical mind, reasoning or personal imagination.

Here’s what I mean, as a baby psychic I was at a spiritualist gathering where part of the service is open for all attendees to share ‘messages’ from spirit to other attendees; all out loud and in front of everyone.  Well I was sitting there listening to other people share their messages and my mind was wandering.  That’s when I heard clearly that Deborah needs to know Georgey is ok, he’s at their favorite place in the mountains.  I wasn’t very aware when I was a baby psychic so I just sat on it; I doubted my awareness.  After all, I didn’t know a Deborah nor if there was one here, and isn’t Georgey a weird name?  I know of George but Georgey?  I could tell I wasn’t likely making this up but resigned myself to not deliver this to anyone.  Just then, another attendee stood up and guess what they shared?  “I have a message to a Deborah from a Georgey.  He wants you to know he’s at your cabin in the mountains and he’s ok.”  My jaw was on the floor, ok, message received loud and clear Universe.

You will also always need to know when you are ‘on’ and ‘off’ such as to maintain normalcy in your daily life.  Being aware of your own intuition versus intuitions for another is definitely necessary because can you imagine the confusion that could cause?  So focus on knowing yourself better, become a master of your System (mind, body & spirit), your instrument!

On Self Esteem
I’ve had this theory that there really is no self esteem.  I have never been able to identify to a ‘feeling’ of self esteem.  So I wondered, what could people be referring to is this isn’t a thing?  That’s when I came up with the idea that healthy self esteem is having strong self control and self discipline.  That’s what I now teach baby psychics in my Psychic Gym courses, that they must build healthy levels of self control and self discipline when it comes to mastering psy abilities because they don’t come with an instruction manual.

Being the ancient psychic that I am, I’m not as tight with my practices and preparations when seeing clients for psychic readings, mediumship sessions and coaching appointments.  I have been known to slide out of bed, have a quick bite, run through the shower and slip into my uniform with only seconds to spare before a client session begins and still have a really great psychic experience with them.  When I was a baby psychic though, I was so disciplined and controlled, much more than now.  What I used to do was leave a window of two hours before any client sessions so that I could properly prepare with prayer, meditations, and practices so I’d be ready to meet my clients.  Then I would also leave a cushion of time between sessions to repeatedly prepare before each and every client.

It was seriously important for me to manage my psychic self at the outset of my psychic medium journey because it built a routine, a perceptible process that signaled the leaving of my regular life and the start of my sacred time with the Universe.  That’s why I recommend to every baby psychic, or out-of-practice practitioner, to practice greater self control and self discipline in this and all other areas of their life even if its only for a brief period.  Then notice what happens when you bring this higher level of self esteem into your life.  You’ll likely be surprised at how much the Universe shows up to meet you with opportunities, health, money, abundance, connections and synchronicities.  Go ahead, surprise yourself!

On Sense of Identity
I’ll be honest, being a professional psychic medium is now such a pleasure and an honor in that I get to show up for my clients right when they need some vital guidance, a reassuring message, forgiveness from beyond the grave, and hope that the future will be bright and good.  I love it….mostly!  

There are still some experiences that leave me scratching my head at how puzzling or how amazing they are.  Were I a baby psychic though, as I was centuries ago, lol, I could easily be more than just lightly thrown.  Some of the experiences I had very early on truly left me questioning my sanity.  If I didn’t have such a strong sense of identity, awareness of who I was, I’m sure I could have gone crazy or at least been psychologically traumatized.  

For example, when I was trying to master out of body experiences and journey to places unknown, some were unfathomable, I asked to visit heavens and I was shown a variety of them.  Pleasantly surprised, confident and undaunted, I then asked to see Hell and you guessed it, I was shown some of them; yes, plural.  These were places unlike anything you’d experience in our world.  Let’s just say that there is one that I hope no one I know ever goes to it though I know many people will end up there.  The scariest one is the one I call the Void because while in it, you disappear into nothingness.  But that’s a story for another time.  

Please know yourself so well that no comment, complaint, word or action towards you or against you can affect you badly.  Know at your very core that no one can ever make you feel anything without you giving them permission to affect you that way.  And please always know what you love, what you desire, what you still fear and what you hide from yourself.  Leave no dark corners within you!

On Bold Courage
If you’re already on the path to exploring your psy abilities and the other curious parts of this amazing Universe then I already know you are a brave and curious spirit.  I want to acknowledge you for your outright courage or your hope filled carefree character.  Whatever the motivation, keep pushing those limits.  Keep living the mystery and explore more of what the Universe wants to show you.  I can promise that there is a greater purpose to your explorations and they’ll be revealed to you if they haven’t been already.  

Sure, I use the word ‘courage’ rather freely here, as I’m sure you do in conversation, but what is courage, truly?  To me, courage is a deep trust in yourself that you can handle any experience, outcome, eventuality, consequence and surprise.  Again, to me, this deep trust in yourself has a foundation in the quality of your relationship with the Universe.  If you trust that the Universe has your best intentions in mind, then you will likely have a greater capacity for courage.  If you believe the world is a scary place and the Universe is not benevolent, then it would be natural to succumb to fears and apprehension.  

Wherever your relationship with the Universe is at, better it, strengthen it, and learn to trust it so deeply that even the most painful and daunting of experiences can be seen as lovely and purposeful; adding to the brilliant perfection of the Universe and honing you as a more skilled agent of the Universe.  You’ll need to rely on this relationship and on yourself to handle the unknown, the mysteries that surround us and to mitigate fears that could sabotage your efforts to master your psy abilities.

On Compassionate Kindness
I have a feeling that this section may have also been titled, On Humility, because there is actually incredible power and strength in vulnerability and humility.  These traits not only help you to connect for deeply and in more meaningful ways with others but they also enable you to be compassionate and kind to anything and anyone around you.  I do not see being skilled in psychicness as a gift from the Universe.  Instead, I see these abilities, like I mentioned above, as completely normal and natural to every human being.  This is why I could never feel ‘better than’ anyone, no matter how many people I’ve helped, how many lives I’ve touched and how many futures I’ve helped to better.  As happily willing agent of the Universe, I will gladly be of service to those who require it.

But why is compassionate kindness so important when undertaking the mastery of psy abilities and exploring the mysteries of the Universe?  I’m glad you asked!  There are two main reasons – the first is that true compassionate kindness will help you with proper self care.  You already know that unless you take good care of yourself, you won’t really be able to show up your best for another.  Secondly, being humble and embodying compassionate kindness, takes the rigidity out of your sense of self and instead, imbues you with a supple flexibility.  It is this supple flexibility that will make it easier to maneuver and navigate the energies, the realities and the possibilities within this fantastic Universe of ours.  

This same humility, as a source of inner strength, equalizes you with whomever you desire to connect with on a psy level and in turn, allows you to be the eyes and ears for them around the messages the Universe has for them.  In humbleness you become an instrument for the Universe.  When delivering your psychic insights, guidance and other information to someone, compassionate kindness helps you relate to them and to deliver their package in a manner that sets them up for the best experience.  Finally, there is no need to frighten, antagonize or bully others when one has unshakeable inner strength, so cultivate this humble nature that fosters compassionate kindness.

Putting It All Together In Your Confident Self
Take note of what’s been shared here, and take only what resonates with you.  The rest can be left and if the Universe requires for you to address the leftover bits, then it will present them to you in another form and as another reminder.  For now though, focus on your healthy confidence.  You can trust that as you develop your confidence, life and more specifically, perceiving the unseen within this Universe will become easier and easier!

As always, enjoy and please share any thoughts, comments or questions in the section below.  You may also always send me a direct message.  Love and blessings to you all,


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