I Think I’m Broken…

So I think I’m a broken person, what’s with that?

Is it even possible for a person to be broken? Yes! It is possible to have experiences that “break” our spirit, that “fracture” our psyche, that damage our body. That’s the bad news. The good news is that, most of these experiences that hurt us, can all be overcome and we may even become more amazing in triumphing over them!

The latest time I felt broken was actually the first time I experienced heartbreak as an adult. My marriage ended and I was lost, I felt so depressed and listless that I had no idea who I was even. It was such a serious hit to my sense of self, to the values that I held dear that I was lost without this one aspect of my identity. The Universe helped to break me out of who I thought I was so that I would become a stronger, more resilient and more capable expression of myself.

Your “break” may not come from a heartbreak, it may come from the loss of a loved one, being propelled into fame, having others recognize you for the work you’ve done, or by hitting rock bottom due to an addiction. The Universe uses all sorts of methods to break us free from an idea we have of ourselves so that we may then step more courageously into a more grand experience of who we may become and that’s the real gift.

Don’t lose sight of the real gift – the new you, you are yet to know – because it can be so easy wanting to get back what was just taken, or a past you felt comfortable in, or a person or thing that you thought you needed to feel whole. If the Universe is overhauling your life, then consider yourself blessed through the tears you’re crying (whether of sadness or joy) because you can have no better guide than the Universe. What you need to do now is dry those tears and see how you can be more responsible now.

How can you be more responsible with your heart, with your inspirations, energy, love, dreams, family, commitments or promises? How can you step it up and show yourself, and in turn, the Universe, that you can be trusted with more? Think carefully and choose wisely because the Universe is testing you. To pass this test you have to step into the mystery of the unknown and choose better for yourself; that’s it. Sure sounds easy in words, but it can be so hard in actions.

As always, love and blessings to you and love your brokenness,

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