I Don’t Feel My Loved One Around Me After They Died, What’s Going On?

Firstly, don’t take this to mean they don’t love you or that there’s something wrong. Secondly, take a moment because while we’re grieving (and grief may take many many years) our intuition or psychic sensitivities won’t be as reliable as if you were at 100%.

Now on to why you may not be sensing your loved ones around you!

When a client comes in with this exact concern but I am then able to connect with their loved ones, I have asked the spirits why this may be the case and here are some of the answers that have been given:

  • “I’ve been around her since the moment I passed away, I’m afraid to leave and she’ll then feel the full loss.” Its often the case that a spirit is around you so much that they’re like the air around you and you’ll only notice a difference if they were to truly leave. Such a touching sentiment and an indicator of the loving bond you both shared.
  • “They’ve been so busy since I left that I can’t visit them while they’re dreaming. If only she would slow down a little…” If you’re the type that speeds off on your to-do list the moment you wake up in the morning, then give yourself a break. Take a couple of days of to do nothing or to be more healthily selfish and see what happens.
  • “He’s never been very intuitive and now I wish he were more so. He can’t sense what I’m trying to have him feel!” Yes, even the most pragmatic and non spiritual person can miss a loved one when they’ve passed away. Sad thing is that years denying our intuition or emotional sensitivities could cause us to be flummoxed when the situation calls for us to be more open. So, open up! Meditate! Take a psychic development course and see what may happen then.
  • “I feel bad about how things were left when I died. I can’t bear to see and feel the pain they’re in now.” Like I always say, take care of your ‘stuff’ while here on Earth. You don’t take anything physical with you but you do take your emotional baggage. Say what needs to be said, forgive whomever you need to make peace with, digest those emotions you’ve been holding on to and just travel as light as possible while here. It will get in the way when you’re in the afterlife.
  • Silence… Sometimes not even I can reconnect you with a loved one and its still a mystery as to why. Give it some time and feel free to try again!

Every situation is different and I hope this information here can bring you some peace or some hope. Your loved ones are just that, loving presences whether you know they’re around you or not. Keep sending them love and trust they’re a thought or a prayer away.

As always, all my love and blessings to you,

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