Hauntings…not all are scary!

Halloween just happened a few weeks ago and was followed by Dia de los Santos to those of Spanish descent.  All Saints’ Day is how its known here in the states and it is a holiday of remembrance meant to honor of our deceased relatives.  There’s a saying we have, “Nadie más muerto que el olvidado” which signifies that no one is truly dead until forgotten.  A potentially sad thought, right?  Though I refer to the Universe as a bitchy genie, it isn’t altogether cruel.  We remember the loved ones who touched our lives most dearly, and are reminded of others who have passed— through the media or in records. But there are other means of remembrance.

The Universe has systems in place— yes systems—that record every single moment of every day within this wonderful Universe of ours.  This means all your life’s moments and all my life’s moments are encoded within this field.  It is a type of radiation that permeates the physical components of our world and all the energetic, unseen elements of it too.  This field is known by many names, but one of the most common is the Akashic Field.  This Field is free of motive and intent, as much as any recording device, and it therefore creates pure records of all that has been, all that is and all that will be.

So what does the Akashic Field have to do with Spirits?  They’re deeply interrelated.  Spirits are what I refer to as the conscious experience of the Soul.  As living beings, human and others, have a System composed of a mind, body and spirit all working together until physical death occurs.  The Universe too has such a System and its entire Spirit is called the Soul which is connected to every living creature that has lived, is living and ever will live.  In our System, our spirit is colored by the moments of our lives, complete with all the emotions, thoughts and experiences that you have lived.  Our spirit is not this wispy thing residing somewhere inside of us like a couch potato only becoming active when death occurs and we slip into the realm of energy and consciousness.  No, it has a very active part within our every days and what that entails is a much longer conversation.

Though all is recorded by the Akashic field, emotions seem to amplify and enhance certain recordings that I’ll discuss below where some of these recordings, depending on the circumstances, may develop into hauntings.  Everyone is sensitive to emotions whether consciously or unconsciously.  Psychics, like myself, are even more sensitive to these energies and can even interpret the encoded moments within the Akashic Field.  The average person may also accidentally tap into such a recording when in the correct mindset or emotional state.  This is why a lot of people report believing in ghosts, hauntings and the paranormal, because of anomalous experiences we are all bound to have at one point or another.

Continuing on, if you imagine our spirit as a portable memory file, then the Akashic field is like the recording device and recording medium where everything around us is a part, assisting in the creation of these recordings.  Some substances within our world seem to hold energies and moments more easily than others.  Water is an ideal reservoir or vessel for spirit and thus emotions & experiences.  Wood is an excellent retainer of emotional energy.  Earth is ideal at fragmenting and dispersing energies and memories.  Metal may amplify or completely neutralize spirit energies and memories.  Life is sensitive to and an ideal reader of spirit energies and memories.  Have you noticed how many homes, usually with wooden structures, seem to be haunted?  Have you seen how many roads, paved with earth from various places, seem to also be haunted?  Now you have a tiny bit more information as to why they may be haunted.

Let’s now speak about the hauntings themselves, after all, the title of this little article refers to them.  There are more than one type of haunting and they really are not all that bad:

1.Spirit – as previously stated, our spiritual side is like our own piece of the Universe and this is a powerful part.  Wherever a spirit has been, you are sure to find all sorts and varieties of moments that make up a life.  Some of these moments are the kind we wish to relive while others, as you already know, are moments we wish to forget.  When no longer in physical form, our spirit has the option to remain in the astral (energetic counterpart to our physical world) where it is free of time yet has access to all of time and has the option to return to our physical Universe to relive or visit or to participate in the lives of their loved ones.  Spirits may haunt a place out of love or out of trauma, to work through an undigested experience in order to return to calm and peace.  These are the hauntings you usually hear about and are more easily dealt with as you may rationalize with a spirit because they are still a person only in a different form.

2. Echo – emotions are like the radiation of life.  The more intense the emotion, the more intense the radiation burst and the more subtle the emotion, the less radiation.  Highly emotional moments like births, deaths, proposals, accidents, celebrations, wars, intense experiences or drawn out emotional times all leave an imprint on the space and objects present at the time of occurrence.  Spaces and objects like houses, furniture, jewelry, etc. retain this recording and strong life forces like children may reactivate these energetic echoes triggering the experience of a haunting.  These are typically non-interactive, meaning that there is no true consciousness behind them. Attempting to communicate with an echo is usually fruitless and sporadic.  Clearings, cleansings and neutralizations are the best methods to deal with energetic echoes if we desire to be free of them.

3. Energetic being – life as we know it is part physical and part energetic and part consciousness, however there is other “life” that we don’t know about.  There is a flora and fauna in the astral worlds much like we have animals and vegetation around the world.  They vary and differ in marvelous ways, some seem docile like a kitten and others seem vicious like a rabid dog.  These beings may haunt their favorite places and when they become familiar with places inhabited by people, they may find ways to enter the realms closest and into our physical Universe.  These hauntings don’t really have an order, they usually don’t make sense but they are typically mischievous and disruptive.  All energetic beings must heed the authority of living beings like humans (this authority comes from the chemistry between spirit and matter, it makes us different) so approaching these with confidence and free of fear will often clear them fully.

4. Current – psychic abilities are real and they will soon be shown to be less supernatural/paranormal and more intellectual and intentional.  Some abilities are passive as in precognition, communication with spirits or the sensing of energies or danger.  Some abilities are active (and usually uncontrolled) as in psychokinesis and healing, where we may actually affect our physical world through consciousness and vital energy.  Some hauntings are the result of accidental discharges of such psychic abilities.  I believe we have not reached a level of consciousness or evolution to truly hone these abilities to be under full conscious control so they become useful; but I’m sure there will be a time when they will be.  These hauntings are typically grown out of and end with time.

Aside from objects, people may also become haunted.  What this usually means is that a departed loved one is regularly present in the life of this beloved person.  In this case, the haunting may be quite a positive.  However, there are also cases where people who are haunted may be disturbed or bothered by a spirit or being.  In these instances it is important to exercise your authority over the unseen and command your personal space urging these hauntings to move along.  You’d be surprised how much power you actually have even though you don’t believe in any of this metaphysical stuff.  

There are many homes that I get called to investigate, usually to figure out what type of energetic situation they have going on.  Often, the “haunting” is a loved one or previous owner but sometimes it is a random presence, like a spirit, made coherent through the spirit’s sheer force of will.  These willful presences will usually dissipate with time but sometimes you may need assistance in clearing it.  Reach out to a psychic whether local (if you prefer a face-to-face meeting) or remotely (really good psychics are not hindered by time or space when looking into a given situation).  All psychics perform different services so be specific as to your current situation.  And as always, feel free to reach out to me with any thoughts or questions.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderfully spirited holiday season!


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