Happy New Year, Let the Universe do the Heavy Lifting!

Welcome to a New Year of Possibilities!

Insights from my day to help ease the pressure of a new year and to remind myself that the Universe will do the heavy lifting…I woke up this morning much like everyone else did, feeling the novelty of the new year but at the same time not noticing anything too drastically different.  One element that was still there was this mini anxious moment as I looked at my alarm to make sure I wasn’t late to some appointment.  However, I normally don’t schedule a thing on Mondays for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, its to avoid these mini anxious moments!  Mainly though, because studies have shown most heart attacks happen on Mondays and the most damaging ones happen between 6am and noon, and I want none of that (for the nerdier types, apparently this happens because blood platelets are “stickier” between 4-10am and increased adrenaline may trigger ruptures of plaques in coronary arteries).  David’s mind translates this into – “stay as calm and serene as possible on Mondays, dude!” 

I also don’t buy into the idea that a work week must start when someone else decides it does.  Maybe that’s why I don’t make a good employee, lol, or maybe its because I choose to follow what I feel, what I desire, for I know that it is the Universe feeling and desiring through me!  Since we’ve met before, or had a session together or you’ve attended my classes, you know how I regard the Universe – the Universe is my greatest ally and guide, yet it is also this “Bitchy Genie” that answers every request, every prayer…just not always in the form you envisioned.  So I love the Universe, I love my relationship with the Universe, and I trust in it more than I have ever trusted in a thing or person before.  This is why I know this year will be different.  It is why I back up this belief with purposeful action, beginning my morning differently as a wise friend once told me, “Start as you mean to go on!.” 

This also means, don’t make any resolutions, don’t make any promises unless you’re 100% sure you’ll be following through with them.  And I’m speaking to you as much as I’m speaking to me here.  Give yourself full permission to be your flawed, lazy, uninspired, indulgent self!  And I promise that if you do this, give yourself permission to be the you that you are now, you won’t stay a broken, lazy, selfish loser, lol, you’ll just release the pressure, the expectation of needing to be more than you are now.  Why?  When you release that pressure, you have more room to love yourself now, and when you love yourself, more kind to yourself, you have more patience, more energy, and can then choose better for yourself! 

So let this be the year that you give yourself permission, wholeheartedly, to be enough, now.  Then stop breaking promises to yourself, especially the small ones, and make room for the Universe to live through you.  Make room for the Universe to show up for you in your life so you don’t feel like its all up to you to make the magic happen!  And if this all sounds too abstract, too easy, too woo woo for you, then let me help you.  Here’s why, the Universe puts us here for each other; we are never alone.  It is up to us to fill our lives with meaning and it starts with giving ourselves permission to be beginners again, and again, and again.  Set yourself free from the anguish of not having lived up to your expectations from before and seek out assistance.  Release the pressure to be different when you have no idea how, by asking for help.  Let go of the need to feel bad, so you meanly prod yourself forward (all the while feeling like you have no idea what you’re doing), there is a better way!

The Universe is waiting to speak to you.  Are you ready to hear what it has to share with you?  I wish you all the greatness, passion, inspiration, love, connection, gratitude, and courage in this new year and if there’s any way I can help you in this Journey of yours, then let me know because together, we can create the map towards your greatest self.  Maybe you could use a Psychical [Click here to view and reserve your spot].  Its time!

Love and blessings,


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