Her Future Soul Mate! – How psychic predictions tend to come true

There are questions we all have that hound us until the answer finds us, but what if the Universe is taking forever in answering?  One of these questions is, “Will I ever find love?” or, “Am I going to be married?” or, “When will I finally meet my Soul Mate, David?”  Maybe you’ve even asked me this question at some point.  Well, one of my friends did and I gave her an answer that turned out to come true just as predicted, two years after asking the question!

My partner Phillip and I were on one of our usual trips to SoCal (L.A. and S.D. are our main destinations) and where we usually stayed at hotels, this time a friend invited to host us while there.  Sharon is a friend of mine who is as big of a personality as she is loving and joyful.  Though at the time, she wasn’t really ‘feeling the love’ from the Universe.

It was April 24th, 2014 and we were there for almost a week to meet with our Producers for a would-be tv show, some pitches with networks, as well as some sessions with clients while there.  It was all work, wonderful as it is until Monday the 28th when we had the full day to ourselves.  Most of the time we spent at shops, or touring cute Calabasas, soaking in the sun and the Cali vibes.  That Monday though we had a dinner planned where we invited friends to Sharon’s place.  It was supposed to be casual, fun, delicious and lovely; it was wonderfully MORE than that!

Of course I had to invite my psychic friends Jenna and Laurie, new friend Alanna, Sharon and her daughter plus some other friends of hers who we knew would groove really well with everyone.  The food was great, the laughs were many, the connections were lively and we all felt the lovely energy we were creating.  Towards the end of the evening and with several intuitives in attendance, of course we had to take questions from everyone.  There were the usual, “am I moving, if so where to? or is this next step the right one? or what’s going on with my mom/dad/sister/friend/son/etc.?”  But my favorite one was from Sharon who was hesitant to even ask anything from a guest in her home.  Its like asking your childhood friend who is now a doctor to spend a weekend relaxing and then asking them to ‘doctor’ for you.  LOL, I don’t mind as long as it’s not all the time.

“When will I finally meet my Soul Mate, David?,” she asked in a serious, lightly smiling way.

I had her state her name twice and everyone got quiet, like uncommonly quiet for a party, and then rather quickly there came an answer from the Universe – October 12th, 2016 you will be with your Soul Mate!

Her eyes grew wider, and Jenna joked, “Well that’s really specific!” and we all laughed.  When the Universe is clear, it is super clear.

sharonmeetssoulmateThis whole time, Phillip was chatting with everybody too, talking to the other non-psychics when we were doing our psychic thing and fielding questions about my work and our life together.  He’s a details guy so nobody really noticed when he pulled out his phone, entered “Sharon meets her Soul Mate!!” in his calendar and forgot all about it.  The party wound down after a few more drinks and as the night grew long, then everyone went home as we then went to bed.


Phillip and I were driving back to our place after a totally domestic day shopping at Costco and *ding* his phone alerted him about an appointment, “Sharon meets her Soul Mate!!” He read it aloud and initially I had no idea what it meant! Not only do I usually forget guidance that comes from the Universe, but Sharon and I hadn’t connected in almost a year. Phillip refreshed my memory of the evening when we visited, and I was able to remember Sharon and her question. I made a point to put a reminder in my mind to call her, but it wasn’t until the 15th that I actually had the chance and dialed her up.

Of course we caught up on the basics, how are we, how’s the kids, the tv show, any new writing projects, etc. I asked her how her week had been, not wanting to give anything away. She let out a bit of a sigh and said “This week has been intense! So busy!” Her tone sounded frustrated and tired, so I assumed that she hadn’t met anyone special during the week. I laughed and said “Well, I guess you didn’t meet your soul mate on the 12th, did you?”

She laughed and said “Met him? No. I met him several months ago. But you’ll never guess— I just moved in with him this week!” I screeched and laughed so loudly that Phillip asked what happened. I put Sharon on speaker so he could hear her. That’s when I told her about the calendar reminder and we were both amazed about the accuracy. Sharon admitted that she remembered the prediction now that I had reminded her, but hadn’t thought about it again since that night. It ended up being less of a prediction about when she would meet the person and more of a confirmation that the decision to move in together was a wise one, predicted nearly two years earlier in her previous home over wine on a casual evening with friends. Thankfully there was someone there who archived it all! That’s why I always encourage my clients to record their sessions or take notes.

Then of course I had to know about what led them here, where they met and who he was.  Boy was it a tale too complex for anyone to orchestrate other than the Universe.

It shouldn’t surprise me when this happens but it still does sometimes – when I get the confirmatory emails, months or years after a prediction, or the ALL CAPS text messages of surprise that a situation unfolded exactly how I foretold it.  I love hearing about these moments so please keep sending them to me!

Here’s the thing about the future and what makes it tricky to pin down, yet it is possible to pin it down sometimes:

  1. The future is as it is when I see it, at this time.  Looking at a future at a later time may show it the same or different because of decisions, choices and intentions made by you in the time in between.
  2. We have our foot on the gas or the brake when it comes to the future.  So we may slow things down or speed things up based on what we know now.
  3. There is no future so solid that it cannot be changed.  NONE OF THE FUTURES.  We have more power, more choice than you’d think.
  4. Time is not a linear thing, it is more like a tesseracty-fractal creation, pooling, mixing, stretching and coagulating much like a complex fluid.
  5. Sometimes the Universe wishes for me to share with you a future as it is or as it could be.  Either way, I am always honest about all that I see.
  6. You may always ask me to look into a future that is likely, that is better or worse too.  Just remember that if the Universe reveals it, then it is allowed for you to know.
  7. The Universe really does want the best for you and your life.  It is us, in our complex and fallible human-ness that tend to F#@% things up!

I’d love to hear your thoughts and questions.  And of course, please reach out if you’d like to schedule a session and explore your future or futures.  Love and blessings to you all,


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