First Fears of Baby Psychics

I was a strange kid, always was.  Having an imaginary friend who shared truths with me about anything and everything, helped me to feel brave, curious and oftentimes puzzled.  Being a “good guesser” I felt lucky and charmed.  Seeing strangers in my mind in images that felt made up but ended up being actual snippets of events that truly occurred, left me feeling surprised, even more curious and a little strange.  That strangeness and how the people with whom I shared these visions ended up seeing me left me feeling even stranger but never scared.

What did scare me was the same that would scare a child – the darkness.  I was and to a small degree still scared of the dark.  Sounds silly, right?  I’m a pretty big guy who can see a lot of the unseen and still can’t be at ease alone in a dark room.  This is my fear and it may always be there but the typical fears of a baby psychic are more in the flavor of:

  • Fear of perceiving bad or scary things like the death of loved ones or tragic accidents
  • Fear of knowing what people really thought about them
  • Fear of tapping into something dark or evil
  • Fear of truths of a person’s life like a friend whose parent’s aren’t really their parents or that their spouse doesn’t really love them
  • Fear of seeing spirits or ghosts
  • Fear of knowing too much of the future and being powerless to change what they want to change

Let’s tackle the first one, the fear and actual experience of “bad” and “scary” things.  Here’s the response I gave one of my clients who is a baby psychic confronting her first fears and it is also the advice I generally give to others like her –

“What do you consider bad?  You’ll have an easier time with all this psychic stuff when you realize that good or bad are only judgments; almost nothing in our world is inherently bad.  Even violence, war, pain and fear aren’t bad on their own because they are often tools of the Universe to achieve a specific end.  For example, a Hitler type person who tried to eliminate a whole group of people will have to equalize the pain they caused even though they were following orders from the Universe.  However, in order for a spirit to go through what the Jews did in the Hitler example they either willingly chose that type of experience or they need to equalize something from previous or later lives or the Universe needed those experiences to add to its perfection.  

You can always ask for guidance if you believe in guides or you have built a relationship with a divine being or the Universe in general but I’ve found that if you don’t believe in external guidance then it isn’t easy to get it.  Trust yourself instead.  You will always be internally guided by the Universe itself.

Release the judgments of good/bad and see what you receive as information, messages, and you as the messenger.  Let whomever you share a message with decide what the message is for them.  They, as well-adjusted adults I’m assuming, are allowed whatever reaction they choose to have.  For instance, do you require your UPS person to know whether a package meant for you is good in order to deliver it to you?  Probably not.  When interacting with the Universe and as an agent for it you’ll receive messages, insights and guidance that may be tough to perceive but it may be exactly what the person to whom you deliver it needs.  However, its always your choice to first take the message and then to deliver it.  You always have a choice, you never have to do anything.”

So what do you think of my advice?  I’d like to hear your thoughts, questions and comments so please share them below.  Enjoy the journey and if you’re a baby psychic, a modern mystic, then know that life will continue to grow more and more interesting.  Feel free to reach out if you need guidance along your own journey too.  Blessings,


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