Does Enlightenment Await Us After This Life?

It could, but normally does not so my recommendation is to seek enlightenment here!

Sure, if you were to die right now and if you had enough awareness in the afterlife, you could have a full life review and process all those undigested emotions, those troubling experiences, and even gain a grander perspective on your life and the lives of those whom intersected it. Then you can open up to enlightenment beyond yourself and your life, understanding the grand scheme of things and arrive at a perspective closer to divinity. But you can also do that here!

See, the world is built to keep you so busy, so overwhelmed and so distracted that you lose track of who you are; who and what you truly are. SPOILER ALERT! You’re not human, just human while here, and that’s even questionable for some of us while here. What if I were to tell you that you’re a 50,000 year old plasma being that’s all fire and energy, living countless eons on different planets and areas of space, alone and with others, until you asked to be slowed down and limited so you can then be stuffed into a matter body to live a life as one little person?

That probably makes no sense to you, but if it does then understand the power and opportunity you have now as Betty Louise Plotnick of East Cupcake, Illinois. Take advantage of your days and attack what’s killing your peace, and expand what’s making you feel luscious and confident!

Seek enlightenment here and know that it doesn’t mean you have to give up your reality shows and lattes. It just means that you get to live life more grandly because this is the show, not a dress rehearsal; so live like its the You Show.

Now go out there, love yourself, discipline yourself, and be the gift to others that you wish they are for you. All my love and blessings, as always,

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