Intuitive Counseling

For Individuals, Couples and Families to Provide Guidance and Peace of Mind!

Please Call to Schedule at 206.920.9409 | Sessions with David Zarza can be In-Person, by Phone or via Skype
Sessions are $290 for 50 mins (inquire about discounted rates for multiple session packages | Sessions by Appointment Only

The mind and spirit have always fascinated me with their capacity for genius, greatness and creativity.  Plus their ability to keep us in pain, lost and hungry for connection and passion.  I found out early on that my purpose was to alleviate pain, to mitigate suffering and to help reconnect people with their True Selves, their Perfect Possible Future Selves!  In order to do this, I use all the talents and gifts the Universe has equipped me with — insightful intuition, deep empathy, clever intelligence and an inspiring spirit.  I use all of these with every client, with a combination of compassionate conversation and actionable recommendations, clients always leave feeling lifted and transformed.

Counseling individuals, couples and families, I use a process that let’s me pick up intimate details about a client’s past and present, their relationships and circumstances — this provides me with a sort of “map.”  Add to this clear insights about a client’s future and I can then articulate a fuller “map” about what it will take to get you from here to where you want to go.  In a traditional therapeutic setting it may take many sessions or even years for a therapist to fill out your “map” but in a session or two, the Universe lays it all out for me. 

With what the Universe provides, I can serve as trusted advisor to deliver the information you need now to make the best decisions for your life and to give you the likely outcomes to those decisions so you don’t have to learn the hard way. 

In a sense, I can shorten the distance between here and where you want to go.  With time as our most precious commodity, you can’t lose too much because there is so much life to be lived.  Here are some of what we can deal with in an Intuitive Counseling conversation:

  • Life Purpose – help reconnect you with that clear knowing of what to do and where to be.  Together we can help clarify your most purposeful and deliberate next step in life.
  • Depression – depression can’t be totally lifted with medication, find out why it’s there and be free of it.  You’d be surprised what some causes of depression are and its often not just sadness.
  • Lingering Grief – healing after a loss of a loved one, career, or part of your identity can be challenging.  Even though no one can make you heal faster, together we can facilitate that process.
  • Troubling Relationships – as a social animal, we need each other but when others leave us feeling confused, stressed or abandoned, its just no fun.  We can look in and see what someone is feeling, thinking or even intending.
  • Conflict Resolution – challenges and obstacles can be opportunities for growth and learning but how do you know when something is truly worth exploring and when you need to let it go?  Let’s figure it out!
  • Health Concerns – your biography does become your biology.  In other words, how a life is lived usually informs how a life will pass away and it is possible to see illness or disease before it becomes a concern.  If dealing with a health challenge now, there may be ways of overcoming it and thriving again.
  • The Family Constellation – a family is a system and when one part of that system changes, for the good or not so good, the whole system changes too.  You don’t have to suffer in silence or wait to see if things change for the better.  Together we can see what can be done now for a better tomorrow, for all of you!

So how does David do all this?  The simple answer is that I am a really good listener, I listen to you and the Universe because the answers are always in front of us.  Because of the pace of our life in this modern world, we’re simply too busy to listen ourselves.  The longer answer is that we are never separate of one another but we don’t normally live or operate from that belief in a visceral, real way, but I do.  I know that there is an illusory boundary that separates you from me.  Since this is my reality, I know that I can share in the experience of your life like a witness, a companion plus I have access to more, likely futures, access to others (both living and passed on), and I have no agenda other than the one leaving you as your very best self!

I have a background and degree in psychology from UCLA, then a coaching and hypnotherapy certification from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute in Los Angeles as well, and thousands of clinical hours helping great people become even better.  Also previously a course facilitator at UCLA, teaching undergrad and grad students about powerful Life Skills, then as a licensed hypnotherapist specializing in personal and professional self improvement, and now as an Intuitive Counselor, I know the modern mind, the human spirit and most of the mechanics for how the Universe works.  Equipped with these tools, nothing is impossible; literally!

Client Agreement

I understand that in making an appointment with David Zarza that I am paying for his time. I understand that there is no guarantee on the accuracy rate of a consultation and that all predictive information should be used for as entertainment purposes only. David Zarza is a psychic, integrity consultant and coach who provides life coaching, advising and strategic consulting. David Zarza is not a healthcare professional; he does not diagnose, or claim to heal emotional or physical ailments and disorders. I understand that there will be no refund after the service of a consultation has been given. It is also understood that by booking a consultation that you are agreeing to the above terms. I also understand that there is a 24 hour cancellation policy.