Intuitive Corporate Consulting

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Intuitive Corporate Consulting services require a personalized evaluation session with the Owner, Principal or Team Leader

Contact David for details and with requests – (206)920-9409 or


Intuitive Coaching

David offers a very unique experience for your staff who work with him as a coach. Using his Intuitive Skills, David is able to tap into a person’s true potential and identify the areas that need to be addressed and fine tuned in order to help them achieve their goals and ambitions. There is no guess work that needs to happen. David also utilizes his training in Psychology and Hypnotherapy to help move people swiftly through obstacles and limitations.

Intuitive Interviewing

David can be hired to sit in on interviews to help select candidates that are most likely to have success and longevity with your organization. David has a successful background of working with law firms to help select potential jurors.

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Intuitive Advisor Retainer

There is a a six month minimum commitment for this service. David is available 24/7 for your company’s needs, but he will only interact and advise the top 1-2 positions within the company (CEO, President, etc). Typically, David and his clients interact about once or twice a week, though in urgent situations, David is only a phone call away. Mutual confidentiality is assured and no details shared by the client will be shared by David. David also protects his clients by not accepting any other clients who could be direct competitors or potential trade rivals. David’s retainer clients are limited, so there are rarely openings available. To inquire about this service, please email David with only your name, position, phone number and company name. Please do not provide any other details or any specifics about your needs.

Most traditional business consultants look at reports, gather data via interviews and make suggestions based on statistical probability. David is able to look beyond what is known and provide you with information that you would not attain from a business consultant. David is able to see what is likely to happen beyond what you are currently facing. Using David’s advice, you are able to tap into the heart and soul of your business, looking beyond the obvious to see the hidden energetic components that might be holding your company back.

Externalized Aspects- Group Coaching

David has developed a unique coaching program based on his theory of Externalized Aspects.  Externalized Aspects group coaching is founded on the theory that the Universe (the world, the people and experiences around you) is conspiring to evolve you as a human being, while you’re living your life and creating your life.

Specifically, Leaders/Managers/Supervisors are surrounded by the people that look as if they are simply working within the organization executing their position’s duties.  However, the truth is that through the mechanics of the Universe, the people who surround the Leader/Manager/Supervisor are actually like specific aspects of themselves embodied in those people.  So if they are experiencing conflict, friction or even very positive rapport, there’s a reason for that (thanks to the Universe’s mechanics).

Knowing then that the people who surround you or that compose a specific team or organization, then you can decide with clarity whether this is an optimal arrangement or not.  The coaching then helps to enhance the positive aspects & relationships that are already optimal and can correct those aspects & relationships that seem detrimental, unhealthy or downright sabotaging.

Please contact David for a consultation and brief assessment at 206.920.9409 or