Can a Spiritual Person Also Be a Sexual Person?

Is a Healthy Sex Life, Part of a Balanced Spiritual Path? Confidently, I can say absolutely yes!

Here’s the thing, human beings are partly animals just like you would see in the zoo. What mainly sets us apart from the fauna in this world is the ability to self-reflect, to be deeply conscious of ourselves and the world around us. Because of this, and due to the many tricky conventions we’ve built through the ages like religion, academia, morality and popular culture, sexuality becomes a tricky prospect for many of us.

Human sexuality can be very simple, but as with all things, how’ve we’ve been reared influences our enjoyment of it or lack thereof. From what I’ve seen of the Universe and from my communications with it, having a healthy sex life is vital to a purposeful, rich and meaningful life!

Now let’s dig a little deeper because we’ve got to frame this answer within Integrity. To me, Integrity is beyond morality, beyond honesty and it is more of a visceral experience of true alignment within ourselves and in turn, the Universe as a whole. A healthy sexual life involves at least one person, ideally two and sometimes more than two. High integrity healthy sex is between consenting adults where no one causes the other(s) harm and everyone involved is content with the experience, if not exhilarated and validated by it. This allows for a wide range of experiences and that’s exactly what the Universe wants.

As a spiritual person, you undoubtedly have a direct relationship with the Universe and as such, you know that the Universe polices very little of our lives. It does this because it affords us opportunities to encounter all sorts of experiences that inform the perfection of all that is. Through your unfettered freedoms and happy wantings, you can have a whole lot of pleasure in this reality as well as bring a whole lot of pleasure to others. Pleasure can come in so many forms and as I mentioned already, the Universe is affording you opportunities to explore as many as you can while in this life.

This life is incredibly brief and as such, you must seek to free yourself of as much fear, guilt, shame and doubt as possible because you want to be the greatest expression of yourself. Becoming the greatest expression of yourself is exactly what the Universe wants for you and from you. And if you’re torn between what you’ve been told by your family/religion/community/etc and what you’re feeling inside, guess what I will usually advise you listen to? Exactly! As long as you’re exploring your healthy sexual self with a consenting adult and no harm is coming to anyone, ever, and you’ll likely be better after it all, then go for it. Play within this playground you’ve been gifted by the Universe and honor its beauty!

As always, love and blessings to you,

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