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  • What is Normal?

    What is Normal?

    There’s one thing we all want to know when we hit a snag, stumble on a speed bump or try to handle a curve ball from the Universe…we want to know if what I’m dealing with it normal and if so, what can I expect from this current craziness. I’m here to tell you that […]

  • MysticMag Interview – Nov 2020

    MysticMag Interview – Nov 2020

    “MysticMag’s Marko Velimirovic had the opportunity to talk to David Zarza, a psychic medium and intuitive life coach from Seattle. We talked about his beginnings, the usual expectations from his clients, as well as the influence that the Covid-19 pandemic has on his work. What inspired you to start your psychic reading business? David Zarza: […]

  • All You Need Is Less!

    All You Need Is Less!

    We know this! We need less stress, less sugar, less stuff, you name it, we probably live less of it in abundant America. What people don’t tell you though, is that as we cut out that which we don’t want, we are then creating room for that which we do want, like more happiness, more […]

  • Sometimes a Good Rest Is Exactly What You Need!

    Sometimes a Good Rest Is Exactly What You Need!

    This has been a long, wonderful week filled with clients, working on beadwork and even some writing! I’ve also promised myself to blog once a day for the year. I haven’t been perfect but I’ve been close! Today has been one of those full days where all I could muster was writing about what I’m […]

  • Speaking Your Mind as Will of the Universe (in Integrity)

    Speaking Your Mind as Will of the Universe (in Integrity)

    Firstly, I want to clarify that I am speaking from the perspective of Universal integrity which is the visceral and energetic alignment within yourself and the Universe as a whole. While in Integrity, you must never censor yourself because it is the Universe wishing to communicate a message through you! So what does this mean? […]

  • Dealing with Your Inner Hater!

    Dealing with Your Inner Hater!

    I saw this meme today and sent it to someone I know who is dealing with just such a situation! Sure they ROFL’d. But then they said this is the version they should teach kids. No way! This world teaches us this version if we’re not conscious of what we’re doing to ourselves. See there’s […]

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