Big Deal! – On Fate vs. Destiny and a Psychic’s Role

When it comes to Fate vs. Destiny, what is a Psychic’s role in either and how can that help you?

During freshman year at university, in the middle of an art class I sat in front of a blank piece of parchment.  Halfway expecting images to appear before my eyes to translate into color and form, halfway wishing this class was over because my severe lack of artistic talent made it so hard to fake my way through this thing, I sat there trying to will my I-don’t-know-what to make something happen.  The assignment was easy after all, create an artistic interpretation of your future self.  My future self?  At that age I was barely even a baby psychic, I was a fetal seer and I didn’t even know who I really was in the present much less the future.  So I sighed, stared some more and then finally an image came — handsome man, dark hair parted on the side wearing an azure blue v-neck pullover, smiling as if he was saying hello or was he mid yawn?  I couldn’t tell but I trusted that this was my future self.

Fast forward to the present and three years ago, while on a photo shoot for another project, a photographer took a picture that was identical to the drawing I made over 20 years ago.  I became who I saw and it struck me like a ton of bricks, “wow, I am the man I hoped to be when I was that kid back then.”  It was amazing, I’m now self-assured, passionate about my work as a psychic medium, I have a loving relationship with my partner Phillip and I get to help people gain clarity, direction and purpose in their lives everyday!  I love my life, which is more than I can say for that kid back then.  So this prompts a question, was I always fated to become who I am without a say, or did I meet up with my destiny through a process of deliberate choices and decisions along the way?

Too heavy to deal with in a magazine article?  I love deep questions like this because they demand that we answer them.  More than that, as a psychic, our clients expect that we have such answers.  Therefore this article is less of a statement than a dialogue.  Of course I will share what I know the answer to be because of what I have witnessed both in my life and in the course of client’s lives when I’ve read for them.  Yet I am curious, what is your answer to the question of whether we seize a life we are destined for or are we subject to an already decided fate for our lives?

Helen and I had been part of a business networking group for a couple of year, she as a saleswoman and I as a therapist, we got along great because we shared the same sense of humor and we were two of the younger ones in the group.  She’s a beautiful blonde woman, married at the time and work seemed to occupy her enough as well as being a wife.  When I decided to come out as a psychic, she was one of the first I shared it with.  She made it easy to come out of that closet because she was excited that I was a psychic as well as a therapist and of course she wanted a reading.  During the reading I was able to perceive her life, like a line stretching from her past to this point in our present and then branching froward into the realm of the future.  In the branches that stretched into the future I could see that she was to remain married to Charlie and they were to have two children, a girl and a boy.  She’d be surprised about her girl which she was to have in about 18months, her first, but prepared and expecting her boy less than 12 months after her daughter’s birth.  Her work would be steady but nothing spectacular and that she would find fulfillment through being the amazing mom she was destined to be.

Of course we got into more like family dynamics and the truth around her best friend who was more frenemy than pal and we even explored the possibility of the future without her husband after a divorce in a couple of years.  Perceiving a client’s lifeline as I call it gives me flexibility to explore realities beyond what is likely to occur; sometimes they are drastically different than their current trajectory and at other times they are only slightly different than what is currently going on.  This reality of her divorced and childless left her feeling sad and yet grateful for seeing into that reality which she preferred not to have, safely experienced in dialogue instead of in stead.  Armed with that, she felt lifted and hopeful that she would be the mother she’d always hoped she would be, she left and went back to work.  I left the group soon after debuting myself as a psychic because it was ill received, a consequence I didn’t enjoy but knew that this closet would be harder to manage my way out of than my first one.  We remained in touch but not weekly like we had been while part of that group.  Our lives went on.

Then about three years later I received an email from Helen and in it was a photograph of her family, a husband, a daughter and an infant boy.  She wrote to me how when we had that reading those many years ago she had doubted the truth of what I shared because as a couple, they weren’t planning to have children.  But just as I saw, she was surprised to be pregnant, in July like I mentioned and that she was to have a girl.  So when that happened, she told her husband to get ready for a boy next because David told her it would be a boy.  Sure enough, less than a year after her daughter’s birth, they had their son and couldn’t be happier!

I keep receiving messages like these in my inbox or my voicemail, validations that events both near and far off into the future occurred as I foresaw.  Every time I hear these, that same question pops into my mind — was it that I saw what was to occur or was it that because I shared it, they made the choices that led them to that future?  It turns out that the answer to whether this is fate or destiny depends more on the personality of the client, more than in anything that I had done as a psychic! 

Often, when the result is lovely and joyous like the birth of a child or a successful career move or the healing from an illness, we prefer to believe that it was our hand, properly guided by a powerful vision shared through a psychic that was what led us to this outcome.  That it was righteous destiny that brought us here.  As opposed to the idea that this was always what we were to meet all along; fated to experience.  However on the flip side, when we are met with awful events like an untimely death, the loss of a job, or a dream being shattered, it feels better to attribute them to a higher supernatural power fating us to those ends for a reason.  And then we fill in that reason, like the good children we are, with a lesson, a teaching that the Universe or God is providing us with in order to course correct voluntarily or to set us on a new course inspired by this seeming darkness.

But what was it?  Could it be that it is both?  That we are both destined and fated to have the lives we have?  However the true power, our Free Will is in how we react to the details, events and experiences that we encounter in the course of our lifeline.  That is what I know to be true, over and over, in client’s lives and in my life.  There will always be points in our lifeline that regardless of what we do now, we will meet them head-on but we have our foot on the gas or the brake, so that we can speed up our encounter or slow it down but we will always meet it.  How we show up when we are there is all up to us and after all isn’t that the point anyway, as our role as a psychic; to prepare our clients to be their very best selves when they encounter both the wonderful and the not-so-stellar in their lives?  To set them up so they approach it with grace, and then when they fall, to get back up and keep heading onward again with their head held high?  I know its what I want for my clients because I want it for me as well. 

Here’s to your life being filled with vitality, prosperity and wonder, while tragedy, sadness and fear may visit you, may their visits be brief and tidy.  Now let’s get on to the part that you really enjoy, to see what those moments of wonder and tragedy may be so you may approach them with grace!

Love and blessings with all my heart, David

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