Of all the questions I get asked about being a Psychic, this is my favorite…

When people find out what I do, they usually have a lot of questions for me.

How does that work? When did you know? Do you see anyone around me right now?

I cover a lot of the history and how it all works for me in my book, When Spirits Call. One question that I get frequently, that I want to talk about today is What is your favorite part of what you do? I want to share my thoughts about that question because my answer has evolved over the years. 

Previously, I would have said that my favorite part of my work was seeing the emotions that happen when someone gets to connect with a lost loved one or they get validation or guidance about a direction that their life needs to take. And while I do still enjoy that, I realized something a few years ago that completely changed how I interact with my clients. After that initial moment when my client finds themselves suddenly optimistic about the future or their overwhelming grief becomes lessened due to the closure they receive from their session, there is still work to be done!

I found that clients returned to me, weeks or months later, seemingly stuck and frustrated and hoping for more answers. It was obvious to me that the best results occurred when there was a process in place to help support them through the journey which was ahead of them. Even if they received the guidance they’d been seeking or got relief from the overwhelming grief they were feeling, there was still a What Now? which needed to be mapped out and investigated. 

Through my work with these amazing clients who were full of determination and willing to put in the effort to do deep spiritual evaluation of their lives, I developed a form of coaching that I call “Integrity Coaching.” Through this process, I utilize my intuitive skills to take a look at what I call a person’s Perfect Possible Future. This doesn’t mean that it is a “perfect” future where no pain or disappointment or challenges exists. It means that there is a path, which to me seems illuminated more brightly than all of the other possible paths, which allows my client to most effectively achieve the things in this life that they wanted to accomplish for their spiritual development. 

As my client navigates this process, we focus on how they can best stay in “Universal Integrity” meaning how can they evaluate choices and make decisions in a way that best keeps them on that path which is most aligned to providing them the growth they want and need. In a way, I become their Psychic GPS, tuning in to their destination and providing them with information along the way: directions, detours, traffic jams, road closures, weather conditions. 

This work is by far the most rewarding and enjoyable aspect of what I do. Through this interaction, I am able to see my clients completely reinvent their lives. I get to hear their secret dreams, biggest wishes— and I get to accompany them along their journey to accomplishing that! 

I thought I would share with you the story of one of those clients who allowed me to go along her journey with her. I first met Lisa after she lost a family member with whom she was extremely close. She is, in fact, one of those early clients who actually helped me realize a new “level” of use of my psychic skills! Even though she was wildly successful and had a life which matched what she imagined would bring her happiness, Lisa found herself unfulfilled and the death of her Aunt left her pondering whether all of her hard work had been wasted on pursuing a life that wasn’t nurturing her soul. 

And, as a special offer to those of you who related to Lisa, or feel like you need someone to help you with motivation, clarity, confidence, or fears— I am offering a Coaching Special to help you begin the journey onto the path of your Perfect Possible Future. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to me via email (david@davidzarza.com) or phone 206.920.9409. 

Sound off below! Share your experiences and thoughts!