Why Am I ‘Bad’ At Love [WEBINAR]

Ever asked this of yourself, Why am I bad at love?  I sure have and I’ve learned a lot from asking it and searching for the answers…sign up for this webinar here – https://davidzarza.webinarninja.com/webinars/19506/register
We all want romantic relationships that are loving, respectful, faithful and trust-filled. Whether this has been easy for you to create, or the most elusive piece to the puzzle that makes your life, we will all have moments (or years) where we’re just bad at love. Why? What can we learn about it? What can we do about it? And what does it take to be good at love?
However you spend Valentine’s Day, afterward please join me on this webinar to learn a little, share a little and pick up some actionable ideas to help you with whatever level of love you have in your life! Here’s a little about what we may touch upon –
– What Love is, in a spiritual sense
– What is The Love Equation, evolving Love and the Upper Limit Problem. Focusing on how to grow your love for one another, talk about it in a natural way and common pitfalls along the way.
– How True Vulnerability is a place of strength and power instead of weakness and overcoming the fears that keep us from opening up more securely and with confidence.
– Why Integrity and Problem Solving while building Trust is a skill you must master quickly. Problems come up all the time, some minor and others not so much. How do we tackle them while building trust between you and your partner? I can show you how.
– Visioning as a Couple, creating that compelling vision that gives both partners a clearer idea of what to focus on to create the relationship and life you both wish to experience together.
Bring your ideas, thoughts, questions and enthusiasm. Feel free to send me any notes prior to the webinar for personalized consideration – david@davidzarza.com and 206-920-9409

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