All You Need Is Less!

We know this! We need less stress, less sugar, less stuff, you name it, we probably live less of it in abundant America. What people don’t tell you though, is that as we cut out that which we don’t want, we are then creating room for that which we do want, like more happiness, more money, more love, etc. And that’s the point of my message today,

So you probably know where I’m headed with this…letting go. Your home is probably filled with things you’re not ready to let go of but you know you should be free of, but I’m not a decluttering expert so I can’t speak to that. However, I am a consciousness and spiritual expert, so let’s begin here and the rest will follow!

You’ve got, at this very moment, some beliefs (which are just thoughts that you think of regularly so they become beliefs) probably five or six of them that are actively working against you in daily life. You will figure out what these beliefs are, but allow me to give you some hints:

Possible self-sabotaging beliefs –

  • UNDERMINING – I’m unlovable…I’m broken…I’m not worth…(or something else of this flavor)
  • COMPARING – Why don’t I have…someone to love…a house like them…a family that loves me…(or something else of this flavor)
  • LIMITING – I hate my job…I’m not smart enough…Why aren’t I creative…(and more of this flavor)
  • DEPRECATING – My sister is more successful…My coworker is more confident…My kids love my spouse more…(and more like this)
  • BLINDING – I’m fat…I’m stupid…I’m ugly…I’m invisible…(and so many others of this flavor)
  • DEPRESSING – The world sucks…The government is awful…Capitalism is horrible…(and more)

Here are some common ones that I’ve held myself, and that I’ve heard clients have. Just know that all of these give away your power and victimize you. Let me repeat that, YOU VICTIMIZE YOURSELF with your own thoughts and beliefs, now how much longer do you want to keep doing this to yourself? You get to decide, which is the beauty of this world, so choose wisely!

If you said, “not one day longer!,” then excellent. If you said something other than this, then what the heck is wrong with you? Get with it and stop being your own worst enemy!

Now that you’re clear about lessening your stinkin’ thinkin’, you then nurture your awareness to track what it is your mind does for you and to you. Then stop yourself as you slide back into that stinkin’ thinkin’ because it WILL happen, that’s normal. Point is, you get back on track towards the positive!

Have fun decluttering your mind, because as you’ll begin to notice, once you’re treating yourself better, the world treats you better and you more easily connect with better opportunities for yourself!

All my love and blessings,